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Chrono Trigger Quiz

  1. In the 65,000,000 BC Era, some monsters' defenses are lowered by an element, which element?
  2. In the 65,000,000 BC Era, Lavos means:
    Flame from sky
    Lava rain
    Big fire
  3. In the 65,000,000 BC Era, the 'apes' hide in a village in the forest, what is the village called?
  4. In the 12,000 BC Era, the nation of Zeal owes its power to:
    The 3 Gurus
  5. In the 12,000 BC Era, the nation of Zeal made an Ocean Palace to:
    Monument the beauty of Zeal
    Better drain the power of Lavos
    Power the Skygates
  6. In the 12,000 BC Era, Zeal sent Melchior to the:
    Elemental Pyramid
    Sun Palace
    Mountain of Woe
  7. In the 600's, the Guardia nation tries to hold a bridge against Magus, name the bridge.
    Guardia Bridge
    Zenan Bridge
    Cyrus Bridge
  8. In the 600's, Magus has three other warriors in command. One holds a hideout. Which one?
  9. In the 600's, Queen Leene is kidnapped by whom?
  10. In the Present, there is a Dragon Tank, it has:
    A self-destruct mode
    Wings so it can fly
    A shield against Fire and Lightning
  11. In the Present, one of the islands(and the cave on it) is gone, that once existed(Hint: The Tyrano Lair), what island?
    Tyrano Island
    Giant's Claw
    Rainbow Cave
  12. In the Present, a man finds the Moon Stone, to get it from him you must:
    Bribe it out of him
    Be nice to his ancestors
    Wait until night then steal it
  13. In the Future, and in the Arris Dome basement, you find:
    Out about Lavos and the Proto Dome.
    An oil gun
    Out about Death Peak
  14. How do you get across the lab after Arris Dome?
    A jet bike race
    A time portal
  15. What is Robo's supposive objective at the Factory(according to his companions)?
    To trap the others inside.
    To get the factory online again.
    To DESTROY ALL intruders!
  16. Why is it that you can't bring a party of more than three through the Gates?
    Because the party will be vaporized.
    Because if four or more enter a gate, they're taken to the point of least resistance.
    Because if four or more enter a gate, the gates will seal shut.
  17. Who is Spekkio?
    The Master of War!
    The Master of Magic!
    The Master of Time!
  18. What does the Chrono Trigger do?
    Powers up the Mammon Machine
    Warps you to Lavos
    Freezes time

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