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Final Fantnasy 2


Occupation: Dark Knight --> Paladin The main character in the story, and ultimately the strongest member of your party. He can use almost any weapon, but works well with a sword.He can be equipped with almost any armor, and can cast a few low level white magic spells after he becomes a paladin.


Occupation: Dragoon Kain is mostly here for a plot twist. He is Cecil's best friend, and begins the game by your side. He can be equipped with any sword or spear(except crystal) and can use almost any armor.


Occupation: Wh. Wiz./Bl. Wiz./Caller -->Bl. Wiz/Caller Rydia is a caller from the town of mist. She falls unconscious after Mist is destroyed by the package. Cecil protects her and she joins him in battle. At first, she can cast both black, white, and caller magic but after she visits Leviatan, she can use only black and caller magic, which have been dramatically increased She can use only a bow and arrow, the rod, or a whip. As for armor, Rydia can only use robes.


Occupation: Wh. Wiz. Rosa is Cecil's girlfriend from Baron. Cecil finds her in Kaipo after an earthquake, and must find the Sandruby to help her. After that, she joins Cecil's party. She is a user of white magic, and, like Rydia, c For defense, Rosa relies on an use Bows and arrows(and should). She can also use the various staffs. robes, and no shield.


Occupation: Sage(Wh. Wiz./Bl.Wiz) Tellah is a sage from Mysidia, who joins you on the way to Damcyan. At first, he can only use low level black and white magic, but after Mt. Ordeals, he becomes very powerful, although his mp remains low. He can use the staff or rod in battle, and can defend himself with weak armors and robes.


Occupation: Bard Edward is the Prince of Damcyan. After losing his girlfriend in an attack by the Red Wings, Edward chooses to help Cecil. He attacks by using one of the two harps, and defends with low level armor or robes.


Occupation: Engineer Cid's special talent is PEEP. He can tell how many hit points a monster has and what its weaknesses are. He can use a bow and arrows, but he works better when using a hammer. He can use most armors.


Occupation: Ninja Edge is the prince of Elban, which was destroyed recently. You find him in the Elban cave, where he gets beaten by Rubicant. He can use the very powerful ninja swords and some armors. He can also cast strong magic spells. As an added bonus, he can throw almost every item as a weapon and steal items from enemies. This makes him the most versatile character in the game.


Occupation: Karate Man You find Yang on the way to Fabul. After assisting him, he joins you. He can attack using the claws, and he can use some armors. His special move attacks all enemies on the screen. It is good when fighting low level monsters, but for stronger monsters just have him attack normally.

Fu Soya:

Occupation: Lunar(Bl. Wiz./Wh. Wiz) He is a very powerful wizard from the moon. He will join you as soon as you find him in the crystal palace. He can use some armor and the staffs/rods, but his real strength is that he can cast just about all black AND white magic spells.

Porom & Palom


Occupation: Bl.Wiz. One of the twins of Mysidia, Porom can cast low level Black magic. When paired with his sister, they can cast the twin spell, which should be the strongest magic you have at the time.Equip him with a rod.


Occupation: Wh.Wiz. The other twin from Mysidia. She can cast low level white magic. She should be equipped with a staff.

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