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The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (for young children)

A. Preparation:
Get a large Easter Basket and fill with Easter Grass and these items:

1. A small baby doll wrapped in cloth, or a nativity figurine, or a baby shoe, (something representing a baby) This will represent the birth of Christ. This represents that he was the son of God and was born into the world to help us all make it back to Heavenly Father. (Also have a picture of Jesus' Birth to show).
2. A heart shape. This represents how much Jesus loves us and taught us how we can live so that we can be happy. He also organised his church here on earth. (Also have a picture of Jesus giving the sermon on the mount).
3. A small twig or branch. (from a bush or artificial flowers) This represents the olive garden that Jesus went into called the garden of Gethsemane. This is the place that Jesus suffered for everyones sins. He did that so that we can repent and be forgiven. (Also have a picture of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane)

4. A small cross. (can be made of tooth pics or popsicle sticks. This represents our Saviors death. Bad men were angry with Jesus because he was so good. They took him and hung him on a cross with nails in his hands and feet. Jesus died. Do you know anyone who has died? (Also have a picture of Jesus on the cross).
5. A stone or small rock. This represents the cave or sepulcher where they buried Jesus. Ask why the stone was moved? Explain that angels moved the stone. (Also have a picture of Jesus in the tomb with the stone moved from the opening.)
6. A small white glove. This represents how Jesus died, (demonstrait by taking your hand out of the glove and explain that when we die, our spirits leave our bodies. Then show them that Jesus came back into his body and lives. He is still alive! He will never die again but will always live. This was called resurrection. He overcame death and because of him we will all be resurrected or after we die we will all live again, with our families and with Heavenly father and Jesus. (Also have a picture of Jesus' resurrection, and a picture of him showing himself to Mary).

7. A small stuffed rabbit, chick, a flower and a butterfly. These things all represent spring the time when Jesus overcame death. Spring represents new life. New beginnings. (A picture representing spring).
8. Easter eggs to eat, and jelly beans. Eggs represent a new life too. Baby chicks, bunnies, and birds are born or hatched in the spring.


1. Opening Prayer

2. Song "Easter Hosanna" from, "Childrens Songbook".

3. Turn down your favorite picture of Jesus in your lap. Tell them you will play a guessing game. I am thinking of someone.....

(a) Who loves everyone very much.

(b) Who came to earth to teach us how to be happy

(c) Who organized his church.

(d) Who made people well and taught them how to be kind and loving to each other.

(e) Who had power

4. Present the Easter Basket filled with grass and all the above items. Have the Children come up one by one and pick an item until every item has been picked. Each item has a story. Make sure the story is in your own words, brief and simple. As the children pick an item ask them if they can guess what this has to do with Easter? Discuss it and tell them the story behind it, and show the pictures. Have the children help show the pictures.

5. Song: "Jesus Said Love Everyone" (Childrens Songbook)