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Flying Car Methodology Breakthrough:

There Is A Very Simple Solution.

Updated May 2, 2013.

Generally the A Check Exact Family Flying Car would be rectangular / cubic shaped in pattern similar to a regular room, such as a living room, bedroom, bus, or RV. Low speed aerodynamics make it less similar to a house and more similar to a van. After flying cars for military and police, future add-ons for the public include couplings for mass transit.

A simple solution to a problem that has plagued mankind:

Above is an artist's rendering of how the A Check Exact Flying Car would look, but what makes it fly is secret [(Luke 8:10) see Public PCS below] for security / safety.

A Check Exact Flying Car technology does not depend on faster propellers, special fuel, nor other dangerous means. A Check Exact Flying Car technology is not about how birds fly, even though those were studied too, with a new design and application / proprietary tested with measured success [proving how flapping bird wings could be emulated (reference A Check Exact main page Proprietary PCS)] limited to mobile workbench studies within reasonable scientific parameters. In other words, A Check Exact has not only developed the A Check Exact Flying Car Design, A Check Exact has also proven another per car or per person backpack type attachment for flying not seen elsewhere by A Check Exact on the Internet, television, nor in person. Though the A Check Exact Flying Car Design per se is the best [including both engineering and reverse engineering (reference PCS defaults, mostly detailed in Proprietary PCS)].

After the main default A Check Exact Flying Car Design breakthrough technologically speaking, many other breakthroughs have come with the help of ICCDBB work in PCS, such as in the utility energy field, and such as in the traditional automotive field [which will continue with wheels on the ground predictably] with A Check Exact having come up with a design to remove the need for heavy, complex [hence failure prone (reference Proprietary PCS and the Demming Golden Rule on predictability)], energy consuming / friction and fluid dynamics gummy problematic technologies [valuable in other new design applications (Proprietary PCS)], with much illustrated for the public [(see A Check Exact links) though key parts looking "Forward" (President Barack Obama) remain proprietary (A Check Exact)].

A Check Exact (utilizing the PCS tool, see below) unraveled Flying Car technology this way, looking at the pattern: 3, 4, _, 6, 7: something was missing. A Check Exact Flying Car used a series of flying designs of the same sized and overlaid the blueprints, the way maps can have overlays. PCS is pretty simple stuff, with wonderful results, praise the Lord. Flying Car technology that people want for their home, doesn't crash into their home nor neighborhood, and so on. Electrified outer hulls around families are dangerous. Crazy trial and error aircraft designs are not the same as flying cars.

Therefore flying cars do not have wings for landing strips, flying cars do not have helicopter head chopper technology, flying cars do not have bird motions rather motions people want. Flying cars do not have improperly oversized with open parachutes or large wings or blades, nor requiring unusually costly hard to find chemicals, nor expensive highly explosive fuels ready to set the world of fire. A Check Exact Flying Cars technology does not have some weird stuff, in fact it is more toward boring if it wasn't so enlightening: the technology is normal technology, simply overlooked.

Flying cars need be automatic because of all the quick maneuvers too quick for humans to do to compensate for sudden wind gusts from multiple directions, and flying cars need be powerful enough to easily overcome those sudden wind gusts from the various directions and overcome very strong winds [Note: jets are impacted by microburst down drafts and need A Check Exact Flying Car technology too].

People driving cars can hardly avoid large deer stepping in front of them, much less small birds flying from all directions, so family flying cars need computers not only for that, also for GPS of other vehicles with intranet awareness of weather conditions and instant modification of mass traffic patterns which some computational experts have made so simple to solve. People can't see through clouds, yet intranet GPS enables point to point clarity per vehicle plus multiplied sensor visibility per nearby vehicle.

People are not likely to know how close they can fly to a building, trees, the ground, or other flying cars before crashing: we can't leave it up to normal people to become pilots, and we can't leave it up to home made do it yourself seat of your pants garage builders. Experts from many fields of input need be accountably coordinated.

Family cars have wheels and windows, but flying cars need sensors, not people. Flying drones can make deliveries for people, yet with A Check Exact Flying Car technology the drones would be better at it. Family flying cars need safety backup systems and room for passengers, comfort, security, and room for groceries.

To meet all the above criteria, the flying car would look like a box, such as an RV.

Trains operate very cost effectively with many cars and only one engine. Great ships are moved about by tiny tug boats. There is a great cost effectiveness [and wise green energy thinking] planning from the start for real flying cars to properly link together in the air for many reasons.

A Check Exact made another breakthrough, not only with the new A Check Exact Flying Car Design, yet also with the key methodology (formed of independently proven methodologies) for future optimal designing effecting flying, money, jobs, and so on as the A Check Exact main site newly reveals of the three key PCS components, with the new Public PCS site now completed.

Exploding population requires better mass transportation:

Wheels, springs, and axles with steering contraptions are very heavy. Cutting edge technology means different things to different people. To Quality Assurance, QA, experts, cutting edge is not much about coming up with perhaps a new idea and shouting it out at a big meeting (1 Peter 3.4). On the other hand, to QA it is not entirely about the chain of command, in fact QA typically has it's own chain of command, to help the production chain of command. Shown above is not the Flying Car Design withheld for security reasons, though there are similar features. While some A Check Exact Flying Cars would eventually be improved in future years, the current plan is to have two types: A. Security type (not disclosed); and B. One Public Flying Car Design each being uniform in appearance for undisclosed reasons, aside from unique identification markings and unique signaling per Flying Car.

We don't have much time to build great things. Governmental approvals with prototypes, establishing proper system management, and mass production of Flying Cars is hardly the tip of the iceberg with this breakthrough technology. People can hardly be entrusted with greater more powerful things when great scientists don't even understand this A Check Exact technology for security, safety, and power generation as plainly evidenced.

United States Top Secret Agents, along with big businesses, have at times asked A Check Exact to solve their problems which A Check Exact does; but when A Check Exact offers more drawings they typically don't want to be bothered: if it's not on their list, or if there is not already a buyer request, people typically don't have time or don't want to work to understand what is presented.

A Check Exact offers a solution not previously available concerning strictly controlled high precision tolerance slow speed lifting and flying, for instance as A Check Exact had years ago posted concerning properly bringing methodologies together such as involving API vacuum box methodology, Navy ultrasonics, ASTM eddy currents, and other electromagnetism principles per proven methodologies, and A Check Exact provided many detailed illustrations of pertinence such as showing airflow over aircraft sections uniquely, or similar as rarely seen by the public. Here is a new site of more conventional lift dynamics illustrated, yet not merely lines of air flow, rather illustrating which is valuable or the opposite, illustrating why other flying car designers are heading in the wrong directions.

Whether discussing wings, or propeller blades (including power plants), there is a counter productivity part as illustrated in the above linked site. If it costs much more to go faster, then something is wrong [(1 Peter 4.5) protect the living / high speed safe accurate security]. If it costs much more to go slower, then something is wrong [per se (Genesis 33.14) for the families, for their sakes Jesus Christ provides means and substances].

Some things above the ground, such as clouds, have already fallen down. It is natural physics for them to be aloft relative to people on the ground.

Sometimes clouds move and fall to the ground, sometimes they rise higher.

There are things in the sky already, such as a natural fallen leaf, and such as an artificial piece of paper that fell up or down from where it once was. Science teaches it, and so do many Bible stories. Even to cast lots or to flip a coin involves aerodynamics.

When people think of matter, they tend to think in terms of a ball or a brick. When people think of energy they tend to think in terms of flowing lines and swirls. There is much evidence to rather think of matter as ranging from compact energy swirls, to the more straight interface boundary between one side of a wave and the other side of the wave, so it is a continuous train of reasoning from compact energy swirling to near straight flowing energy.

View from above of the flow of clouds changing due to a mountain top. Some experts lose focus when they start to talk about degrees around a circle, for instance whether a person can be lifted by strong wind is generally less about degrees and more about a cloth tape measure. It is inertial mass and inertial moment that figure into the equation, so the formula Torque = Force x Distance becomes Tape Measure = Force x Distance, per se. Simple stuff, if you don't confuse the rationale per se (reference A Check Exact PCS Methodology) since in this case Tape Measure represents mass / moment and we are talking 3D also note that any eddy current shown above in the real-world is not circular rather helical.

Spin a bike wheel one direction and gyro force goes one way, spin the opposite direction and the gyro force goes the opposite direction.

Tape a long piece of paper to the end of a blade of a ceiling fan, turn on the fan and the paper rises toward the center of the fan. Add a weight to the paper and the paper goes the opposite direction.

If you look at a pot of water on a hot stove you can see a tiny bubble start at the bottom and get big at the top. In the ocean you can follow a bubble of water as it rises and becomes larger. A helium balloon becomes larger as it rises, and with all of these, eddy currents too become larger in patterns as they ascend (Daniel 11.13).

A funnel can vortex oil into an engine, and in reverse pattern of fluid dynamics [an upside down funnel pattern as when using a hand mixer to beat batter] rising eddy currents need rise in patterns of stirrups on springs.

Such things are hardly voluntary, they are laws of physics. People can choose, other things cannot [or can hardly save higher reasoning (Luke 19.40) such as in pattern of synthetic computers]. People can choose. People can choose off or on. People can choose medium value or people can choose optimum value such as to choose PCS and A Check Exact Flying Cars.

When non-Breakthrough pilots are powering-up, what they actually are doing is partly powering-up and partly expending energies for non-useful purposes. So in part, to power-up means to waste energy.

Often, when a light bulb is switched on, there is Back Electro Motive Force, Back EMF. It is a big expense.

When a person leaves home on a trip, they often return home again, so instead of one trip they make two trips, two trips to cover the same distance, two of the same work, two energy costs, double cost. As stated above, people are supposed to have the power to choose, the power to overcome double inefficiency.

The important part is that often when a pilot needs the energy the most during a critical time, that is the same time when the pilot loses more energy. Above is a pattern with each eddy current of swirled wind, or nautilus shell (reference ICCDBB archives on fractal) sub-pattern of air is as shown horizontally as clouds pass over mountain tops photographed from above, or if considered vertically as probably appears on your computer monitor the shells appear more in step ladder pattern.

To climb a ladder, provides lift. If the ladder rungs are round bars and spin as indicated by the swirls of shells above, the ladder might still be climbed albeit with greater difficulty and greater concern for safety, though of far less difficulty than some of the ways previously tried to gain lift.

Consider the pattern of raising a barn. To lift up the first vertical piece, and to erect the first walls is very tricky and the pieces can easily fall, so generally many people function together to raise sections simultaneously to connect them at right angles so they don't fall. By using appropriate shells at 90 degrees to each other, a similar pattern can be used to lift aircraft.

Consider early computers that in pattern used donut shaped magnets and for instance had two straight copper wires 90 degrees to each other with the donut around them where the wires were closest to each other. When a wire had an electromagnetic pulse it might change the direction of the donut's magnetic field [temporary] memory. If we know old computers had an applicable pattern, so much more is indicated of newer computer patterns hence also of future thinking in trend per se.

The A Check Exact Flying Car Design is far less complicated than discussed on this web page, because the designing process already went through these patterns and far more [perhaps some might say "into the future"].

Safety is important concerning family travels, but seen are problems with previous balloons, gliders, parachutes, personal jet packs, powered craft with nylon sails, helicopters, planes, tanks / rocketry, and so on.

Many people see such aircraft and for various reasons easily jump to the wrong conclusions, then teach others the wrong things, and then accordingly cause many flight advancement problems, banking problems, and economic turmoil.

History has shown failed flight ideas have been tied to failed finances, so key is the value of properly understanding the right trend according to the lineage of proven methodologies. Properly organized A Check Exact refers to this as PCS, Prioritized Comprehensive Standardization. With the PCS line of reasoning it becomes easy to see deviations from that line. Extensive studies of deviations from that line [whether accomplished by A Check Exact or by others revered as experts in their fields (reference political debates)] reveal flaws in thoughts some people have assumed as if correct.

For instance a person might casually say we will send this 300 ton rocket into outer space. We send giant rockets into outer space? Wait-a-minute. We launch giant rockets in a clearly unstable manner, but usually those giants don't go into space, most of the stuff as we watch on TV or in person, separate and fall away: the biggest stages fall back to Earth. Most of their tons of fuel don't get into space, along with their thick steel containers. Perhaps only a tenth of the rocket is payload, inclusive of passengers.

Similarly as with airlines, tons of fuel hardly get off the ground. They complain if your luggage is a few pounds overweight, but can you imagine sitting in a jet and an RV driving into the passenger compartment? That would be outrageous and virtually impossible. But that's how heavy the fuel is they consume merely to taxi and on the runway. Some of the smaller lighter weight Boeing 747 jet types use over a Ton of fuel between taxi and takeoff, then during takeoff to cruising altitude typically use 16.5 Tons of fuel, making fuel a monumental cost to the airline industry, while posing global health problems, increasing flights' risks (reference post 9/11 visibility), hurting the environment, costing resources, financially weighing against their paying or potential customers, and so on. It's clear there are things wrong, with vast fortunes to be made.

But efficiency is not just about fuel, it is also about extraction, spills, distribution, human error, overhead that can be automated (see below), sensors, processing bottlenecks, onboard cargo layout, carry-on-luggage, passengers walking around, weather details, HVAC, food storage and prep, onboard reading materials [which can be similar to carrying an extra spare tire], engine maintenance, wire arrangements, and far more. While the A Check Exact Flying Car Design Breakthrough may reasonably help overcome many jet problems, also the relatively short hops of Flying Cars would reasonably overcome many problems by Design, for instance onboard kitchens would hardly be needed. In other words, many features which many experts have counted as if problems against Flying Cars, associated with other types of aircraft, would not apply.

Proportional Energy Loss:

Electromagnetism = Electro [shown above "Like forces repel"] + magnetism [shown above magnetism escapes from the positively charged field extending far beyond the "EC field"] + be mindful that the spiral dynamically spins and some details are facts while some are as indicated [reference modeling]. Solution: conservation of energy, with the whole greater than the parts [relatively (absolutely Luke 16.17, reference GodMath)]. Slightly indicated are the magnetic fields that extend outwardly as long as there is no interference. That magnetism continues to be electromagnetism. In other words, it is not merely magnetic energy that goes away, it is also electrical power, proportionally along the baseline, including at times when there seems to be no electromagnetism involved, such as when a person shouts, and such as when a vehicle rises off the ground.

Many great innovations are not complex. Sometimes it's merely a case of having the right tool for the job. Often the right tool is already available, or something can be readily adapted. In cost effective terms for instance, split a stick and it becomes a clothespin; repeat the process and you have the makings of a windmill: pretty simple stuff.

A Check Exact is often around excellent people. Often their massive intellect evidently hardly allows some excellent experts to see simple solutions. A Check Exact solves many highly technical problems for international Customers, sometimes offering complex costly solutions, and sometimes offering extremely simple solutions, for instance one large long time international Customer, second largest in their market sector, had a very costly chemistry issue and we solved it with a special polymer, a slice from a milk bottle; and for another giant long time international Customer which has many nations as their global security Customers, we solved a very complex expensive Secret Level matter enabling working with our newly designed drawings that would use a tiny bit of aluminum foil: for those Customers in each of those two cases the particular solution cost about a penny, and enabled their systems to go from on hold behind schedule, to become automated and ahead of schedule.

Similar is the old tale people have said is true of a plant that was shut down, so a technician visited and turned one screw and the plant was running again, and the technician billed $1,000. Then the plant Manager asked for an itemized statement, and the technician listed: Turned screw $1, Knowing which screw to turn $999.

Cutting Edge:

The known Universe is described in many ways [hence need for one best organizational need (reference A Check Exact Proprietary PCS)] with experts having used terms such as matter, rubber bands, porous, holes, and so on. Note that the major plane as termed in ultrasonics [minor plane is not shown / less deformed], in the upper right of this illustration is not angled in norm, to illustrate a lift surface (no affiliation with linked Princeton Plasma Physics Lab site). Above are shown tightly compacted energy swirls. Below are shown time and speed relationships.

Many flying cars are being tried as seen on Internet searches, showing how even experts (Matthew 24:24) when not properly organized via PCS, often work hard attacking the problems and repeating what each other does competitively (see Security PCS for proper amounts and how to control) rather than together utilizing solutions already available. For example a jet or a bullet may break the sound barrier, and that is how people in pattern tend to think of thrust, while there is another barrier less considered more in pattern of a comet tail, the helical vortex trail. A high speed aircraft has a more circular vortex wall interface barrier threshold (shown above), while that barrier is shorter with a slow speed aircraft (shown in the previous above Proportional illustration), that is one illustration is more about one condition, things, while the other illustration is more about energy; yet both are applicable to flying cars per aspect [(Luke 10:41) each aspect was solved to properly design flying cars from each appropriate talent and/or each appropriate illustration until the entirety was solved (Luke 10:42)]. People innovating the wrong directions or guessing, should opt to discontinue such ways [(Exodus 30:33) with PCS / Law interface guidance] lest in patterns they eventually lose popularity, respect, and so on.

The comprehensive Known Universe is shown below, according to the intelligence of some experts. Therefore it can be important to know what the priority of intelligence is, and what the highest intelligence is: World's Highest IQ In The Known Universe (an affiliate ICCDBB charity link). Accordingly, if to think, then to think along the right lines, the proper direction.

Shown below is a ball shape, but if a student in a classroom gazes out the window daydreaming, or in similar pattern to think in any direction is not necessarily of greatest value, such as to have to repeat a grade. So while the following is of value, the above linked site explains some parameters of the higher priority path.

The Known Universe

The following linked site illustrates a way to calculate a standardized size of magnetism (reference Moles of Elements) hence electromagnetism and also waves and particles (see above "shell" discussion) World's Smallest Natural Magnet elemental to the Periodic Table. In the physics flow of patterns of proper trend (reference A Check Exact & ICCDBB concerning PCS) this is also applicable to how many people have handled clusters of magnets and thought of them as tangible matter though increasingly understood of magnetic piles, magnetic domains (reference Barkhausen Effect), and other electromagnetic wave pertinent thresholds, including both variance not only to the observed yet also to the relative observer (reference Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle) among shared externality effects, by many experts to be energies that vary. That is, not only a shell in the sense of a dead shell, rather a shell that might be lively, with elasticity, adaptivity, and/or transience.

People think of matter [tight energy packages] in terms of inertia [and energy, loose energy packages] can be thought of similarly. The matter is thought of at rest or in motion, while the energy is thought of as always in motion: we can think of both as always in motion (Daniel 11:2, John 12:30) with some energy packages moving in a more linear way, relatively faster. From these [and similar] properly traceable, we may better conclude on vital matter energy applications, though for those who have not visited this website such understandings may be yet hid from them (Matthew 19.11).

Shown below is a new approach to energy with clock-work precision and other enormous benefits. Consider the old power plant turbines and how they are the Engineers' nightmares trying to get close tolerances between shrouds and half shells since they cut the circles in half and remove the top stator half: Engineers can hardly see inside when parts are put together (Matthew 6.22).

Instead of removing the top stator shell half of the turbine, since heat rises [greater efficiency] the turbine would be vertical [shown in a different application concerning largely obsolete transmissions farther down this page], the relatively plain top cap [exhaust area] would be removed and with unbolting the whole blade wheels could easily be removed, and the shafts [thick wall pipes] could similarly easily be removed utilizing bolt holes (see "seals" below). Engineers and Inspectors could then easily get into the whole round shell with good lighting and see what maintenance is or is not needed.

Cutting / machining half circles is more difficult and costly than cutting full circles. Also a multitude of extra processing activities could be avoided, and as typical when Industrial Designing and Quality Assurance are done right, United States becomes more competitive globally so jobs replaced by continuous improvement quickly enable far more jobs, so employers need not layoff good employees.

Smaller steps and seals [neither shown (1 Timothy 1:17, Ephesians 6:12)] in pattern should also be used to reduce friction and contamination respectively, with each step shelving a set of small roller bearings and with each set housed within a seal bolted to the end of the shaft normal to the industry in various applications such as involving pneumatics and hydraulics.

PCS Improves Power Plants' Energy Production:

Dial Clock pattern improves efficiency with better precision, superb for maintenance:

A Check Exact Prioritized Comprehensive Standardization, A C. E. PCS, shows the above newly innovated design for Electrical Power Plants and others to use, which by utilizing clock mechanics technology in pattern evidently obsoletes previous Power Plant turbine designs (an ICCDBB Sermon explains how the above "New design" and others [not shown] become increasingly simple to innovate). Even so, the A Check Exact Flying Car physics / mechanics technology [not shown] would blow away even the new above design making it obsolete, according to the latest A Check Exact estimates. Unfortunately this is all too often the pattern, that excellent employees and others come-up-with great ideas, only to have their goodly ideas ignored.

Yet praise the Lord [if you want, recommended], there is something you can do about it. If you want Flying Cars, better energy production, safety, security, and much more such as to see pics and illustrations of problems with helicopters and other slow aircraft at our Flying Car Main Site, new Breakthrough Design, methodology from A Check Exact 2010 (click this link for more info & pics): at this linked site where further details are provided you can also find contact information with the address of the person currently in authority to help make Flying Cars happen, and you can write them yourself to give your opinion as to whether you want to sign up for a Flying Car or not. By doing so you can also gain a lot of free advertising courtesy of A Check Exact.

Discover magazine just verified the above illustrations to a very significant measurable extent in their January February 2012 review of the top 100 discoveries ranging from interesting anti-matter new anti-Helium, to photos of the Universe with dying stars so cool you could touch them. Discovery #26, "The New Physics of Bicycles" discusses the gyroscopic helical nature of stability yet dissected into parts and components including at right angles to the norm. In their story their focus was on how bikes were dangerously tricky to learn to ride and would quickly fall and injure the rider, though the newly innovated bicycle without training wheels could be pushed with or without a rider, and with balance and grace it would roll along a street without falling nor turning as long as such energy lasted. They also said they didn't know what made some of it work.

Of the grace of the Lord, such in relative pattern yet more importantly within PCS pattern would in small part be part of the A Check Exact Flying Car pattern [Sabbath (Public PCS)], wise to understand that rather than adding counterweights [counterpart (Public PCS)] the functional forces and/or mechanisms would so effect in PCS Pattern [for leadership and the people (Public PCS Preamble)].

Note that the above illustration of the A Check Exact "New design" to improve Power Plants has already incorporated the counter balance stability effect without needing to add extra excess weight, praise the Lord.

Similarly, partly applicable to the A Check Exact Flying Car is not only the self-stabilizating pattern applicable to the above [new discovery(?)] as a whole to stabilize the A Check Exact Flying Car ride comfort and safety, yet also to stabilize portions of the components (ibid.). That is, the guidance mechanisms of the A Check Exact Flying Car to likely revolutionize guidance systems [since the magazine claimed the info newly "defies" previous theories (Public PCS: they already have their bicycle "rewards")]. Rather for leadership / PCS is such guidance system value as indicated worth further investigating by pertinent experts and interested parties as in low gravity deep space, and as due to other gravimetric anomalies (excellent illustrations, no affiliation with linked site nor above magazine unless otherwise stated).

Concerning some of the following sentences and noted on February 7, 2012, Bob Benchoff, Head Designer for A Check Exact had some innovative breakthroughs last night and today via PCS (see above), thinking of the Name of Christ: Jesus. The previous background was that concerning cars and other transportation vehicles and machinery, people as far as Dr. Bob Benchoff has been able to verify had not yet innovated an optimal transmission breakthrough pattern to match part of the PCS Trend. Attempts had been made to improve the transmissions as for cars, as by using clutch / friction devices at great wear [and warpage (one of the first jobs Bob Benchoff had was using large earthmoving equipment to excavate to build a community though mainly fixing warped bulldozer clutch / friction plates and devices)] at equipment cost, and great time and labor costs.

Then people started virtually instantaneous gear meshing, which is great for some applications but disjointly in some PCS Trend patterns appeared too much as a stop gap technology such as in terms of high overhead that could at least be improved.

The bigger historic picture has been that (A) in order to switch gears the operator would power shift, often grinding the teeth. After that phase the operator would push the clutch pedal (B). Then was developed the heavy expensive automatic transmission (C) with inefficiencies due to fluid and many moving parts, hence problematic generally requiring highly qualified transmission specialists to work on the parts. Then was developed the expensive high tech quick shifter (D) similar to (A) above except except operated by sensory equipment and fast mechanical equipment. In other words it still was not a smooth transition from low gear to high which is increasingly a concern as rotational speeds increase.

The physics is that a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Therefore since an actuator has mass, when trying to instantly move it from slow or a "rest" position to top speed to bump a gear fast enough for the teeth to mesh properly, is an efficiency problem which perhaps could act as a threshold limit against higher speed operations.

To suddenly jolt a piece of machinery is also a concern in terms of cracking, or otherwise deforming. As A Check Exact and affiliate ICCDBB have already stated about flying car technology [PCS (see second illustration on "missing link")], if you are figuring at the limits of a methodology, it is a PCS indicator that you are [counted as if (1 Corinthians 15.35 through 41)] using the wrong methodology.

In other words, if you are using a foot long wooden ruler and trying to measure the thickness of a sheet of paper, you are probably using the wrong tool. In counterpoint if you tell someone methodology criteria being to measure the thickness of a sheet of paper using a foot long wooden ruler, PCS indicates your methodology criteria should probably be improved, appropriate to scale, for instance perhaps it would be better and proper to utilize a micrometer to measure the paper, ancillary to more important priorities / circumstances such as whether a micrometer is available and / or whether stacking similar thickness sheets of paper then measuring using a foot long wooden ruler is a viable option and / or other methodology options.

A Check Exact now has a solution to the transmission problem for process improvement, overhead reduction, greater efficiency, and so forth. The "missing link" came with the pondering of the Name: Jesus. The solution had even a very easy and counted as if meager beginnings, so simple a child [attaining power over enemies (Psalm 8.2)] could imagine the beginnings of the solution.

Dr. Bob Benchoff considered the letters of Jesus, and done many times before, for instance as a person long ago thankfully illustrated in a magazine long ago, the "s" letters or shapes have curves, and a "c" posture of a fish indicates it will likely quickly turn, while an "s" posture indicates it will likely go straight ahead quickly. An aha moment occurred while considering the letter "J" since it is shaped as a fishhook or rather a Shepard's crook, then how to insert the tool was considered, utilizing the A Check Exact PAIUS design [("New Ultra-Designs") methodology technique from a decade ago], which converted complex design problems many experts had and wanted solved, into a simple excellent solution. Because of pondering the Holy Name Jesus along with understanding of the pertinent methodology patterns that had been already simplified via the PAIUS design proven and calibrated, Benchoff was able to isolate factors of the two PAIUS independent drive train systems, one 110V motor powered, and the other gravity powered.

Historically, "A" through "D" above, the innovations would logically be with the 110V motor powered system, but that wasn't the case as quickly became evident [(GodMath p127) rather to be measuring and distinguishing new findings] relative to how the solution evolved. Rather than following the tradition of men [(Colossians 2.8) and logic innovation accountability without love] the PCS tool was utilized. The gravity system of PAIUS is threefold. The beginning and end are for interacting with other functions, while the middle section is an automatic transition of energy, so rather than a static change the solution was unraveled according to the dynamic flow. In PAIUS the flow is steel bars or other rigid materials.

In other words, the flow, instead of "D" above, is not jerky, a great advantage being that far better more precise control is enabled [right tool for the transmission job (see "foot long wooden ruler" and "micrometer" above)].

This solution design is available from A Check Exact as linked below, and while some payment for this solution is appropriate, A Check Exact is far more interested in an offer of agreement concerning the A Check Exact Flying Car Design, the point being that if A Check Exact gives you this transmission solution at a very affordable price and you see what innovative breakthrough work A Check Exact is capable of providing, you would be willing to support A Check Exact for furthering such helpful solving, as you would describe in your offer, such as to attest to A Check Exact credibility in designing solutions leadership, partnering, and / or other; pending A Check Exact agreement.

A Check Exact transmission solution:

The portals shown above slide open transmitting energy when open, hence a partly open portal would be the save version pattern as compared to [a mechanical transmission or mechanical clutch] grinding gears. Also done right (A Check Exact Flying Car Technology not shown) the power and efficiency would hardly compare, off-the-scale so to speak.

The illustration above is for trend (see affiliated ICCDBB) idea perception, with practical arrangements very different such as generally there would be no pipes [detailed in Security PCS nuclear (not shown here, reference new improved nuclear power plant systems)], and the "slide" wall would be the fuel control inlet, in other words per se: combustion at rail or road to energize enough without melting rail or road...., reference for instance static skis which was an independently formed excellent idea proffered perhaps a decade ago.

With PCS (and as so stated in the Bible), PCS being applied Biblical principles including being relative to proven methodology, worldly understanding, logic, and reasoning, it is easy (the burden is light, cautioned per se by Book Of Mormon, Alma 32.35) to reasonably reason what will happen in the future per se, that is, in many situations even if not previously so reasoned by the world (save higher, ibid.; reference the GodMath Testament); that is that even the evolved human can gain understanding of the future.

Hence the evolved human can gain understanding of the united people, hence the unit can best lead, and if to so lead then to recreate from evolved human to a new creation as the Bible states, that being in worldly terms to newly so innovate hence to be on the leading point of innovation, to be on the innovation / invention threshold, with logic on the one side and faith on the other. This does not mean faith is illogical, rather best proper faith in Jesus Christ is the highest point of logic known in the world. If to be the best leading innovator, the path is clear, with room at the top (reference the GodMath Testament on oneness).

President Barack Obama named Mel Watt the new Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency May 1, 2013 and key to leveraging future value [forward looking (President Barack Obama) & PCS (Numbers 10.35)] in home ownership is or proper priority improving the value of such homes on a comprehensive concerted standardized effort for the governed [PCS (Numbers 26.54)]. In example for government to be stuck with low priced apartments and low priced houses, and then to transform them into a high value commodities via conversion into safe [or very reasonably safe] landing zone home sites, is predictably costly per individual yet low priced in mass production as government can easily and simply so contract with proper planning via A Check Exact. Government already offers similar contracts in pattern, and much [pending A Check Exact consulting (in reference to Security PCS)] of what is needed for family home landing zones is already available in local stores, aside from pending FAA safety consultation matters.

President Barack Obama wants to build from the bottom up, and with this A Check Exact opportunity and having named Mel Watt the new Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, President Barack Obama's plan to build from the bottom up can be put into action, to improve low price housing in disarray whether in urban communities where traffic is congested and worsening or whether on isolated farms where crop dusters have dangerously flown at treetop level. A Check Exact Flying Car Design is needed for safety, for those who need it most, and for the greater benefit of all.

Auto manufacturers can contract [cooperate, PCS (Revelation 21.1)] with aerospace manufacturers and intranet manufacturers to bring forth such desired results as President Barack Obama and as new Director Mel Watt want. Airports have great economic value. Consider what a difference [Together we can make a difference (former President Bill Clinton)] it would make having an airport at each low valued house.

Home Landing Pads:

A simple solution to a problem the Skyscraper ROI problem: Plan Ahead.

As Jesus Christ said, "But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit." (Jude 1.20) so build all that you build should be properly planned. There are so many reasons to plan garage doors on skyscraper walls, such as to escape a building fire or to evacuate a city; yet keep in mind most holy matters, such as multiple safety devices.

When we needed to hand process film we used a double door double lock box system so light wouldn't get into the darkroom, so that when one door was open, the other door was locked, only one of the two doors could be opened at a time, except we knew how to override the system.

If a skyscraper has an open garage door, then no one can be in the garage, they must be either reasonably fastened in the flying car or in the apartment locked from being able to enter the garage until the big garage door is shut (or being repaired by pertinent approved professionals).

Also the needs be appropriate sensing in the garage and on the flying car including infrared (reference previous A Check Exact info on low cost mass production, also on mass job creation). Not only sensing lifeforms, also chairs, tables, and so on need be properly sensed, analyzed, and evaluated in terms of remedy.

Recently experts built not only the world's tallest building, the Burj Dubai skyscraper [with a vollume of 11.6 million cubic feet (the Great Pyramid has a volume of 91.6 million cubic feet)], with applications achieved in pertinence toward some of the designs [PCS goals (3 Nephi 11.28) in part] indicated on this page. Via PCS [reference A Check Exact list (in cooperation with ICCDBB)] such expertise could be furthered if they so agree, toward completion of these design goals [PCS appropriate responsible togetherness yet with prioritization (comprehensive Zechariah 5.9, prioritization Matthew 24.41)] in cooperation with other applicable experts of other talents [so PCS coordinated (2 Nephi 1.21), security details not disclosed here]. The Burj experts made appropriate progress evidently in their applications concerning terraces and winds.

While terraces or landing zones are a little less complex than garages with garage doors, it is in hindsight hardly a major leap in reasoning to conclude that further progress can be made to achieve the above as illustrated and discussed. The Burj experts properly included safety signaling concerning winds and/or air pressures. For PCS criteria to be met further signaling needs also be in place with FAA automatic computerized coordination and with A Check Exact Flying Car Design fail-safes.

Not all people like to mow their lawns, though many people do like cars [or rather the thought flying cars]. Even if the flying cars aren't as soon coming as expected, many people want to be ready. A Check Exact has done enough informal surveying, and similarly plenty of professional marketing interfacing. Design properly, including top safety and best ROI.

Many options are available before-the-fact, few options come after-the-fact. You may want a garage that also serves as a room until the tenant buys a flying car, or perhaps you want a room that serves as in balcony style when not serving as a garage, so there are special safety concerns that come into pertinence that are better planned ahead.

More than flying people in flying cars to their high rise home or business, A Check Exact also provided a new Skyscraper Elevator(s) solution able to carry an elevator car straight from bottom to top of the largest skyscraper at high speed, yet also able to carry multiple cars along the same elevator shaft, with many options available which too may soon be posted. Click here for the Green Energy High Efficiency Rapid Skyscraper Elevator Humans And Cargo Transmission Multiplex Solution at the A Check Exact/ICCDBB New Innovations site.

Billions of dollars are at play, when they should be at work, unless you enjoy risk.

Imagine in what buildings rich people will invest in the future.

Many people in skyscrapers are not always fond of wasting perhaps 15 minutes or more per day getting to their car or to a mass transit system.

Flying cars are coming, let's be prepared.

With proper designing the skyscraper stakeholders can at least corner the market for starters when the new A Check Exact Flying Car Technology is announced!

At the option of A Check Exact, A Check Exact would prefer to first further safety via government cooperation, though being a for profit business A Check Exact may make the announcement sooner with sufficient sponsorship.

In the past futurists have hoped to have heliports in skyscrapers, but as discussed in our A Check Exact Flying Car Main Site helicopters are far too dangerous as their track record bears predictably.

On the other hand, the A Check Exact Flying Car is a perfect fit for skyscrapers. In some respects the A Check Exact Flying Car is even better suited in skyscrapers than on the ground at homes.

While on the ground individual homes afford extra landing room, skyscrapers offer the higher value in future terms (Revelation 21.16 / PCS), reference PCS (under the pics) and affiliated ICCDBB (including Public PCS) with some minor current safety concerns as follows.

Tiny pebbles can be a big concern. Teams constantly scour the decks of aircraft carriers. So when considering the relatively clean skyscraper realm as compared to ground homes sometimes with gravel, in this regard the A Check Exact Flying Car would be better among the skyscrapers, though too eventually the ground homes would become cleaner too, in the same pattern that original paths were soil, then evolved to gravel, then oil on gravel, brick, and finally asphalt and concrete [and rails (from 1 Chronicles 13.9 to Revelation 21.21)].

There are ways to takeoff, fly, and land without having to be concerned about turning gravel into dangerous projectiles, but unless A Check Exact is sponsored to design such, it is not currently planned for the near future as via PCS many other matters seem far more vital at this time.


More Flying Car pics & info can also be seen at formerly

For the A Check Exact Main Site click here: global industrial designing & consulting / publishing labs.


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