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1999 New Mexico State Yo-Yo Tournament

This page has pictures from the New Mexico State Yo-Yo Tournament. It features pictures of Josh Perez, Dave Hall, Glen, and myself. Josh is one of the best Yo-Yoer's I've ever seen. Even though he probably won't admit it. Dave has a wonderful collection of yo-yo's, and yo-yo acessories. And Glen. Glen is a excellent yo-yoer and is an awesome box packer, hehehe. Please look through the page at the picture of these guys, and others at the competition.

Under 14 Division:

1st- Billy McPherson

2nd- ?

3rd- Ariel Perez

Open Freestyle:

1st- Josh Perez

2nd- ?

3rd- ?

Championship Division

1st- Josh Perez

2nd- ?

3rd- ?



This is me warming up.

Well looky here, it's good ol' Dave!!!

Here he is again!

That's me on the left, and Josh on the right.

There's Josh with his varied colored string.

Mighty Josh thinking of his routine.

Here's Josh doin' the Creeper as one of his compulsories.

Here is Josh agian doing a trick in one of his freestyles.

Trapeze in one of his Freestyles.

Here's Josh and Glen.

Here are the judges of the contest.

Here's me and Dave.

Here's Dave again.

Here are some post on Dave's Web Board about the contest.

Well...the structure of the contest was totally whacked. It was cool though. I met Daid Hall, Glenn the box packker guy, Nick, and M-Yo and his pops and plenty of ohter people. It was cool, except for the part where I felt like crap the whole time that I was in Albuquerque. Umm...I had to do three freestyles and they all got progressively crappier. I was kinda bummed uot about the lack of competition though. If M-Yo might have entered in my division(s), it would been a lot more intresting competitionwise. Actually he woulda beat me. But he didn't enter mine so I got first in both divisions. Soooo...I got a GoldenEye, two really nice painted black with white stripe BC Woodies. Very Nice. I picked up an Ace, C-Snake, string, Green SP3, and another Viper from the Cart. Green SP3 in very nice and smooth right now. Sweeeet. C-Snakeis also nice. Ace just plain rocks.I never really liked playing with my Pocket Rocket, it just didn't do it for me, but the Ace is the Yo-Yo that I pick first right now. Sweeeet. Ummmm...sooo, happy Y2K and all that Jazz...Dave commented that he is considering having a contest next year, but AYYA sanctioned. That would be Great cuz I cringed every time some judges gave a kid points for not landing a compulsary trick. Sheesh. oh yeah, I don't know what the heck it is, but every kid, and adult, used a aluminum yoyo for everything. sheesh. me and M-Yo were teh only doods out there that useda plastic yoyo. Okeday, I'm splittin!



Josh- There's no way I could have beaten you in that contest. But, thanks for the compliment (Yes!!! I sound good!!!) But Josh was amasing in the compition. I MIGHT have had come in 2nd or third if I was lucky if I had pricipatated in Josh's Division. Thanks to Josh, I've learned a lot of new tricks and have gotten remotivated. But, the whole thing was a blast. And josh, I'll be posting some pictures form the contest on my site soon. Keep up the good work.

I Live To Yo!

Billy McPherson


I've been trying to get the results to post here for days, and no one has sent them.

It was great to meet you too. So at least I know the winners now.

Josh Perez won the Amature Freestyle and Open Freestyle at the New Mexico State Yo-Yo Championship.

Billy McPherson (M-Yo) won the kids Championship (Age 14 and under). I also have to note that Billy Won his division with his Dave's Deluxe. :)