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The Divine Comedy

The Divine Comedy

Well well well, look what we have here. I'm actually surprised anyone has come to this pathetic little page of mine.
Just let me get this out of the way first before you go on.
I'm not a particularly nice guy and a lot of my views and my sence of humor aren't really what people would call socially acceptable.
I'm an outspoken bastard with a crappy computer and a bad attitude. Well at any rate consider yourself warned. Go on if you still want to.

Ok, so... you wanna know a little bit about me do ya?...You don't... well too damn bad cuz I'm gonna tell ya anyway.
My is name Dante...( Well not really but it's not like I want everyone in the world knowing my real name I'm not THAT stupid. )I'm an 21 year old Male. And quite frankly where I'm from is none of your effin' business! ( sorry...I'm ok now ) let me tell you now, before I go any further. I'm a loser, I can admit it. I read comic books, Play video games, watch cartoons and enjoy role playing games... and ya know what? IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT PISS OFF! ( Lordy, I'm an angry little puppy today ain't I? ) well at any is my page...enjoy.

Here is some of the junk that can be found on my stop reading this and go already!
( Christ do I have to do everything for you? )

Movie based Links
I hate your Government (Mine too) let me be in charge)
An intervue with yours truly
Some snapshots taken of me.
My Sketchbook
Some works of fiction and poetry by my friends and I.
My picture Gallery
Letters to me from my loving fans. With personalized replies.
Your Horriscope
My CD Collection ( Like you care )
Music I REALLY hate!
My favorite bands
My life ( Contains some foul language )
One of the few things I take seriously. Check it out for more info.
Get an insight into my warped mind
Legal crap, not really worth checking out unless your REALLY bored.

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