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The Undertaker and Kane Mansion

Welcome to the Undertaker and Kane's mansion.

Hello all my name is Dian not Undertaker or Kane. This was/is a fanfic related site. It was made back in 1996 and updated until the summer of 1998! Nothing on the site other than this opening statement has been changed in the last 2 almost 3 years. The site it self I am planning to take down or reorganize or something I haven't decided yet because I haven't had the time to bother with it. This was originally created as a place for everyone participating in an rpg entitle The Undertaker and Kane Mansion which is no longer in use. All written material on this site, such as the story lines are owned by the authors. I apologize if this sounds rude or anything.

This is the place to find out everything you want about their choosens. You can find Undertaker and Kane's bio's on one of the next pages.

Also you can find pics of the Undertaker in his gallery.

Visit Kane's Gallery for pics of him.

The Libary

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