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I have been working on these images for a while now. Please check back frequently to see updates.

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Crates containing a wealth of knowledge. Look inside and see what we see. The world looks different from a Right Eye View...
Radiosity Render Test (Large)
Newest Project "Tomb". I am still tweaking the textures and lighting. I should have an updated image soon.
Same tomb with procedural Textures
Ship with Radiosity. The windows look as though they are actually producing light.
Different angle of the ship.
And yet another Angle of the Ship...
A Desert wasteland.
Earth Near Object Detector
Three Point Lighting Test. Fairly textbook... There is a problem with the Lightwave preset texture near the mouth. Interesting variation!!
A launch hanger for an animation test I am working on.
Hanger with Adjusted lighting.
A test of the new Lightwave "angle of Incedence.
Babalon 5 style jumpgate.
Global Killer.

Right Eye Productions