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These Items will have links to bigger pictures in the near future

We have done animations for TV Commercials, Video Games, Movie Trailers, and Benefit Work. These are a few of the various animations that we have done over the course of several years. In choosing these we decided that we were not going to showcase only the good work but we wanted to show the work that we had fun doing.

11 Micro Seconds Logo
Iomega Logo, this was to air during ST:Voyager
Virus Online Logo
Can't Wait, clip made for a Lightwave User Group
Flight of the Dragon, short movie from the mind of D.W.
Can't Wait, clip made for a Lightwave User Group
Mech Fire, PC Game Trailer
Mystical Castle for a TSR AD&D campaign
Combat Zone, PC Game Trailer
History of the Egyptians
Galactic Pit Stop, short clip on the life of a pit crew in space
Ruwanda Tunnels based off the book Black Trillium

All Images on this page are Copyright © 1994 to 1999 Right Eye Productions