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Primal Rage: Final Battle

The Inferno...Diablo's own hell...The trechours one, Diablo, and the insane Goddess Vertigo, are discussing another alliance, this time to win, and split the Urth amongst them.

(Talking Telepathicly)

Diablo: We shall have this alliance. And with that disgusting ape, Blizzard, out of the picture right now, I'm sure it will be an easy task. The virtuous God's might have defeated us once, but not again!*

Vertigo: Have no fear, Diablo. We will defeat the virtuous. We will take on each God one by one. My destination is The Cove as of now. It would make a wonderful palace for me.

(Vertigo hisses)

Diablo: I shall take The Strip. Good luck to you, Vertigo.

Vertigo: Feeling's mutual.

And with that, Vertigo vanishes, apparently heading to The Cove.

When Vertigo vanishes, Vertigo's magic workers transport Diablo to The Strip.

* - See the Primal Rage comics.