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Robin is the site owner and main writer for the Obsession. If you've spent much time here at all, you have a pretty good idea of what she's like.
She does, believe it or not, have a few other interests. If you're really that curious, you may look into them here, where she manages to sound eerily like Demona.


Meggie moved to Hawaii summer '99 and we all miss her a lot. Just to clarify things, she is not as obsessed with any of this stuff as the other people involved. She wrote the Lil, Phil, and Suzie pages. Thank you sooooo much for lightening the load, Meggie! Ok, this is Meggie. I am not as obsessed as the rest of the gang, but I am a little crazy.
Again, there is more here


Larissa is the slave driver of The Daria Shrine. She also wrote the Tim Curry and Mushu pages.
More about Rissa


Bridget is the other main writer for The Daria Shrine. She created the logo and spent a long time completely overhauling this site one Sunday. Doesn't it look better now?

And then there's dear Fay, who keeps Robin on her toes with those ponderings. She is the crux of the operation and the only one who does her job in a truly satisfactory manner ^_^

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