My favorite animated features

These fluctuate fairly often, but this is how they stand as of now, and this is about how they average out.

Honorable Mention (will not get pages):
Antz Ė This one just appealed to me, mostly because of Z.
Beauty and the Beast Ė This one was my favorite for a long time. Itís probably the one that I watch the most often. Itís good if youíre looking for an entertaining movie, but it just didnít quite have all of the things I look for.
Toy Story (1 and 2) - Very fun movies, but not quite enough juice to make it.
Tarzan - A very entertaining movie with a good message.
Anastasia - *g* Lots of fun with the banter and the eye candy an all...
Atlantis - The characters. It's all about the characters.
Rescuers Down Under - Lots of memories in this one. And the Australian outback is a _great_ setting for a movie.



Robin Hood


Ice Age



The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Finding Nemo
Monsters Inc.

The Prince of Egypt

The Great Mouse Detective
The Road to El Dorado

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