Aladdin Links

Aladdin and Jasmine's Magic Carpet Ride A page about everyone's favorite rug.

Angry Beavers Links

Wes's Angry Beavers Homepage Some great grphics and sounds.

CatDog Links

CatDog's First Fanpage Nice page for inside information - lots of neat interviews and stuff.

Daria Links

Outpost Daria This page has everything you ever wanted about Daria, including some info on the actors.

"You Know You Watch Too Much Daria When... MTV wants you to see a therapist about your Daria obsession." And other hilarious jokes only a truly dedicated fan would get (Yes, some of them are on my Signs of Obsession because Larissa submitted them to both, not because I stole them from Morgan).

I have no shame. I shall promote this site where ever possible.

Darkwing Duck Links

The Page That Flaps In The Night Darkwing Duck is represented on this page in all his glory. I resent the 6th paragragh in the description of Gosalyn, but the rest of the page is fantastic! A wonderful site. And so much Megavolt!

It's still relatively small, but I see great things for this site.

The Fearsome Five's Evil Web Empire Wow. Have fun. Read the fics. They're marvy!

Everything's Just Ducky Roaming Tigress' site with fun screen captures

Psycological profiles of some of the characters, some awesome fanfic, and a tribute to Jim Cummings!

Lots and lots of Steelie! It's about time, eh? Be sure to take a look at the writings.

The Domain of Erebos Nice little ep guide here and some terrific quotes. I haven't read any of the fanfic as of now, but I'm sure it's great. Sorry it took so long to get this link up. ^_^

Kat and Ka-Tessa's Site

Dexter's Laboratory Links

Discworld Links


DuckTales Links

Calisota or Bust! The only DuckTales screen shot gallery I know of. The world could use a few more DuckTales pages.

Gargoyles Links

The Gargoyles Fan Website Excellent episode guide/reviews
LJC's Gargoyles Primer
The Puck's Playground I lurve this site, but it is riddled with spoilers...
Station 8

Hercules Links

Hercules The TV Series - The Officially Unofficial Site

Horatio Hornblower Links

Archieology 101 Archie! ^_^ Good for a chuckle, among other things
Ioan Gruffudd Home Page Ioan! ^_^
The Cerdonic Empire Presents Terrence Corrigan Terrence! ^_^
The Official Robert Lindsay Website Robert! ^_^

Invader ZIM Links

Kim Possible Links This website rocks my socks. It really does.

Mighty Ducks: TAS Links

Monty Python Links

The Monty Python & the Holy Grail Unofficial Fan Page Galahad pictures! Woohoo! [stares longingly at them for a few hours]

Pocahontas Links

Behind Blue Eyes Mmm... Thomas, Thomas, and more Thomas!

Sonic the Hedgehog Links

I know very little about the video games or shows or comics or anything Sonic related (save the restaurant. Mmmm...Sweet, artery-clogging cheese fries...), but this page is set up really nicely.

Other Stuff You Should See

The lair of Gesture. Las Listas Muchas is a must read.

Anonygirl's page. Great liberation stuff and stuff.

MSTing in Action! A collection of MiSTs. Good stuff. Go read.

Lady K's Den Killjoy has some really neat pieces of fanart here, and you've got to love the menu on the main page... ;-)

This is where I got those awesome web sprites you see at the news page. And the actual content is marvy, too.

Goblin Queen's page of absolutely adorable adoptable web plushies.

So...much...information...! And there are mice everywhere! I love it!

Auburn Red's Temple of Fanfiction and Favorites Oodles of fun things to do, including fanfic, fanart, harems, and all manner of writings.

Meg's Boyfriend of the Week It sounds a bit...stupid. But the girl has a good sense of humor. And fairly good taste. On most accounts. Some very interesting short films about muffins. Good stuff.

Hee hee hee Don't ask me what I was doing here or why I was so fascinated by it, but I was. And here are my prizes. ::giggles::

Homer' s The Iliad and the Odyssey I figure that, since I put a lot of time, effort, and emotional stock in this and we couldn't even access it in class for our presentation we built it for, SOMEONE should see it. That responsibility falls upon you. Thank you.


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