Interviews 'n Stuff

As any one of my three or four friends can tell you, every time I find a good interview, I send it to an absolute ton of people and no one reads it. Well, I've just now decided to put them up here so all of you can ignore them, too. Hoorah!

Douglas Adams

Christian Bale A collection of interviews and multimedia goodies at an excellent site (quality of site ranked on Robin's new scale - How many pictures of Bale does it have on it? ;^) )

Craig Bartlett
Craig Bartlett's Charmed Past Life

Trace Beaulieu
20 Questions for Trace Beaulieu
Captain Ribman in Dr. Trace - Radio PSYCHOlogist Part 1
Captain Ribman in Dr. Trace - Radio PSYCHOlogist Part 2

The Brains

Kenneth Branagh
An Interview on Crankycritic w/Kevin Kline

Candi Candido
Some HUGE images Bobby Bickert sent me

Nancy Cartwright

Dan Castellaneta
With CNN

John Cleese
"Writer's Perks," "The Wrong Message," and "The Right Message"

Frank Conniff
20 Questions (but no Answers)

Jamie Lee Curtis
Page contains "Fully Cyberized," "Never Work With...," "Heart of the Movie," "Pretty Dumb Dog," and "No More Pets"

Cary Elwes

Terry Gilliam
Fear and Loathing

Joel Hodgson
Twenty Questions Only Joel Hodgson Can Answer About MST3K

Kevin Kline
The Impolitic Wit of Kevin Kline
On "The Ice Storm"
On "The Ice Storm" with Ang Lee and Sigourney Weaver
Kevin Kline Fan Encounters
An Interview on Crankycritic w/Kenneth Branagh

Jason Marsden
At Sequential Tart
An autographed picture My own personal gem

Craig McCracken
Foster's Friend - How The Creator Of Three Little Girls Saves The Day Once Again

Colin Mochrie
The Colin Mochrie Corner - His Official Site
Brad 'n Colin's Chat Shack (Rated...PG-13, let's say. The upper limits of PG-13)

Kirby Morrow
X-Men's Cyclops Talks

Kevin Murphy
At the Theater
IGN FilmForce

Mike Nelson
Science Fair
Y2K Resolutions
IGN FilmForce

Monty Python
Maybe I Can Impress Her with My Holy Grail Quotes
The Python Returns
And Now For Something Completely Familiar

Michael Palin
"I'm Jamie Lee Curtis," "Cyber-Underwear," and "Suffering for Art"
Michael Palin: From Python to Pacific
I'm not smug, I'm just nice.

Mary Jo Pehl
Interview With a Temp
What Color is My Parachute, Dammit?

Terry Pratchett
An Evening with Terry Pratchett

Greg Proops

Brad Sherwood
Brad 'n Colin's Chat Shack (Again, it's a bit...unfamily friendly)

Josh Weinstein
20 Questions for Josh "J. Elvis" Weinstein

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