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Please note that all fanfic/essay submissions are subject to being run through my grammar and spell checker, mostly just to get rid of any pesky little itís/its, your/youíre, and there/their/theyíre mistakes because Iím nit-picky. If this is going to be a problem, just say so. Ah yes, and please keep it clean, folks. I would like to keep my membership in some of those family friendly things. And absolutely no nude fanart. There're some things we just don't need to see.


Brandi Whittle
Daria It isn't fully colored; graphite and crayon

Captain Chaotica!!
General Cartoon Artwork There's some great stuff here. I really love the swtichverse characters.
Who, me? Hee hee Cute picture of Brooklyn
Clash Reunion in the Negaverse I _love_ this concept.
Email God Hermes gets an update for the 21st century
Huey Horatio Duck Eep! Huey is rather dashing in that ^_^
Pale Moonlight Loki looking all mischievous and stuff
Phantom Hero A scene from her DWD fic
Puck The one, the only, Puck!
The Saphire Pimpernel Dewy ain't bad, either.

Daniel Harris
Darkwing's Head Graphite sketch

Megavolt Excellent use of a mouse!

Fay Weber
Catdog a great graphite sketch

Basil A beautiful picture of the cutie.
A Meerbat This pic is really neat. Knowing the artist and considering the face, I guess it's Timon, but I'm not making any promises.

Reggie Bushy done in graphite and colored pencil.
Daria or Is That the Best You Can Do? graphite and colored pencil
Jane Lane graphite and crayon
Morgana graphite and colored pencil (the artist and her sister apologize for the lightness of this particular piece and the ghost of Quackerjack in the background)
Mr. Banana Brain graphite and colored pencil
Queen Triton Neptunia in graphite and colored pencil by Kelly (although I had to color it for her)
Phillip DeVille graphite sketch that I colored with the photo editor
It's play time! Quackerjack in graphite (not the same pic that decided to show up on Morgana's, though).
Oh, Mr. Darkwing! Stegmutt in graphite and colored pencil
Mulan The pose from the cover done in graphite and coloured pencil

Phoebus and Esmerelda hee hee hee I love the look on her face! graphite sketch
Djali an awesome graphite sketch
Why one should never impersonate certain pink rabbits a cute little cartoon strip done in graphite

Trent-shu Why the name? Look at his posture. done with ink and a photo editor, I believe
Mulan's Back a graphite sketch
Tulio Okay, so it was a collaboration. I drew the initial thing and Rissa saved it, but her section looked like it needed some more, so here it is. It looked much better before I had to outline it so it would show up on my scanner. graphite sketch

Sharitar the Insane
Darkwing Fanart

AL party piece A celebration of AL's fifth. Yay! graphite and coloured pencil
Who, me? Angelica's head in graphite and colored pencil.
Baghera with a Crooked Jaw graphite sketch
Bonkers and Lucky at the beach coloured pencil and CG
Boo's Halloween costume 2002 coloured pencil
Bushroot Bushroot's head in ink and colored pencil.
Clopin An atypical expression, I know. It was meant to go with the dialogue I wrote for the Tearstained Alley.
Get Out of My Face Daria in colored pencil.
A slightly better picture of OH graphite and colored pencil
Dexer's Peeved colored pencil.
Crosseyed Gadget graphite and colored pencil
Gosalyn I'm not sure what she's saying, but it's obviously important; graphite and colored pencil
Doi! a graphite sketch of Helga
Oh, crimney! The same picture, but colored with a photo editor this time
Doughnuts! Homer in colored pencil
Hold On, Gosalyn! Honker in colored pencil.
Jane colored pencil.
And I Care Why? The Liquidator in graphite and colored pencil.
So I just disintegrated Earth. Do you have a problem with that? Marvin the Martian in graphite and colored pencil.
A Very Ticked-Off Marvin I saw this keychain and decided that I must have it. It's Anyhow, I drew it in graphite and used the photoshop to color it.
Me?!? Crazy?!? Megavolt's head in ink and computer imaging. What is it with me and heads?
Quasi-Evil Overlord Megs I did this one in the pit during Pajama Game. That was a bad show. It was inspired by a comment Captain Chaotica!! made about how Megavolt wasn't fit to be a Bond-esque villain. graphite and coloured pencil
Milhouse with crooked eyebrows and...interesting arms graphite and colored pencil
Cheese?!? Where?!? Monterey Jack in graphite and colored pencil
Bewitching Morgana original graphite sketch.
Bewitching II Morgana in color (not necessarily the right color, mind you).
Canardian Psycho A parody of a magazine cover that I had to do. (graphite and colored pencil)
Don't call me stupid. A pseudo-Daria-esque caricature of everyone's second favorite conartist, Otto West. graphite and colored pencil
Owen I'll do my best to never be in a situation where I have to draw him, I promise (graphite and coloured pencil)
Phoebe I realized after I scanned her that she's missing her back ponytail-thing. graphite and photo editor
How now, mad spirit? Puck in graphite and coloured pencil
I Can't Take it Anymore! Quackie has a breakdown in ink and colored pencil.
Poor, stupid Spunky... graphite and coloured pencil
Trick or Treat! My first time drawing either of these Halloween-obsessed guys. I love them both to death, but I was _hating_ one of them while I was drawing him. You can guess which. graphite and coloured pencil - lettering done in Photoshop
#@!*&$! Tazy Devil in colored pencil.
Trent, the Paragon of Determination graphite and coloured pencil

Fanfic/Essays/Other Writings

The MiSTs hath moved here!

Captain Chaotica!!
Phantom Hero (The Innocents) (Darkwing Duck) For anyone who likes to think. The good Captain's first Darkwing fic, Phantom Hero is something of a what if based on one of my all time favourite episodes. Hey, any time there's more than one Megavolt running around, I'm happy ^_^

The DWD Deviant Continuum (DWD) Anything with QJ and Megs together is great in my book, and I was really glad to see Liquie used alone.

The Dead Duck Trilogy - (DWD) A positively beautiful set of pieces - alternate endings/what ifs - centered around the moving episode in which Darkwing "dies"
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Sheer Surprise - (DWD) "Rated PG-13 for weirdness" This is a bit more risque than any others here, and I will not post anything much more so than this lovely piece. Enjoy!
You May Be Right: A Darkwing Duck Story - Darkwing narrates the sad end of his evil counterpart. With some very interesting viewpoints, it is a must read.

Ethel the Mouse Queen
In Memory of Elizabeth (The Great Mouse Detective; at AL) This one is a real tear jerker.

Pythonite (Monty Python/TOST) That One Superhero Team's theme song

The Lawndale Stalker
Fiction and Art at the Daria Shrine

All of Mainecooon's stuff has moved here

Changes for Jodie (Daria) I promise my next one will be better. This one was a bit too cornball for me.
Animation: What's the Appeal? - an essay bordering on a rant exploring some of the reasons why I prefer animation to live action.
Late Night Ramblings (various) Scary... This one has been sitting around for a while - I've been debating whether it was worthy of seeing the light of day. I'll give it a trial period, I suppose.
Should Garfield Have Been Voiced By Bill Murray? - an essay I wrote for a school assignment (yes - I turned this in to my AP Lang teacher. And got a 90 on it. Would have liked a higher grade, but...) that argues against stunt casting
The Tech of Computer Animation - Okay, so maybe it's more of a history of Pixar... But it accompanied a presentation that I made (read, "BSed my way through with piccies of Boo et all") in Physics, and I got a 100.
Ode to Bush's Eyes - (Horatio Hornblower) a poem inspired by "Duty" and "Loyalty." Or at least the role of a certain facial feature of a certain 1st Lieutenant...
A Different Morality - A Doctor Who fic that I spent far, far too much time working on.

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