Wendy Hoopes


The only voicing credits of hers that I know of are on Daria.

This immensely talented performer, who goes by “Hannah” some times, is the genius behind not only Jane, but Helen and Quinn as well. And if listening to her isn’t enjoyable enough, you should watch her perform. It’s really weird, and watching her jump from one character to another as if she multiple personality disorder is almost as freaky as sitting next to Larissa when she starts doing the bebe darlins and Rosalyn.

Ms. Hoopes sounds most like Jane in her normal speaking voice, which comes as quite a surprise to many of the fans of the show. From her freckle-faced, fresh-out-of-high-school appearance, watching her let loose with Helen’s deep, seen-everything “voice from hell” (as my mom calls it) catches you a little off guard.

Wendy is amazing. With only 3 credits (and all on the same show, no less), she currently trails Jim Cummings, who plays to a variety of audiences, by only 3 votes in my poll (granted, a large percentage of my visitors are Daria fans).

I don’t have much information on Ms. Hoopes, as Voice Chasers requires, get this TWO SHOWS worth of credits to earn a page. So, Angela Lansbury gets a page, but real VA’s (such as Ms. Hoopes and Marc Thompson) don’t. And since I am incapable of finding my own information and prefer to mooch off of others instead, I shall wait until the necessary information conveniently falls into my lap ;). (Sorry, guys. You’ll either have to hold your horses or find it yourself and send it this way.)

Okay, okay. Some of that information did seem to fall into my lap. Thanks to Mr. D.T. Dey for sending me this information. Apparently, on top of being on the cast of Daria, she has been in a few live action movies, including Calling Bobcat, 101 Ways (The Things a Girl Will Do To Keep Her Volvo), Killing Cinderella, Better Living, and Private Parts.

More info on this very talented performer! M. Burke writes:
"Just wanted to let you know that I am a HUGE Wendy Hoopes fan (Daria), and wanted to let you know that she also has voice credits as Mona Sax, the lead femme fatale in the May Payne games. She does an amazing voice over, and it's definitely one worth crediting."
Thanks much!

I first saw her name when Bridget and Larissa were compiling the character profiles for the Daria Shrine. The first time I saw it was on Jane’s page, but I really became interested in her upon learning of her other roles. I contemplated giving her a page for a while, but the “Behind the Scenes of Daria” special clenched it.

Thanks to Outpost Daria for the picture.

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Updated December 22, 2003.