I’ve always loved babies, so I was immediately drawn to this particular show. In fact, it was through Rugrats that Meggie and I got to be such good friends.

What can I say? I mean, you’ve gotta love the Rugrats (I know of a few people who disagree, but they aren’t being represented here). Great animation, creative plot lines, highly quotable lines, first rate voice acting, and lovable characters put it right up there with Daria, Darkwing, and Arnold on my list (what a combination, eh?)

The animation has come so far in the past 9 years. In the first few seasons, the characters were almost pointy. Chuckie always had the same totally stupid look on his face (not that he doesn’t anymore, it’s just less…“duh” looking). They have since rounded out the edges and it’s just much better in all aspects. The best part of the movie was the animation. Speaking of the movie, that was the biggest waste of time and the most boring movie I do believe I have ever seen. Well, maybe Ego Trip was a little worse. Kinda close call. Both were hyped up WAY too much and both were big flops in my book.

The story lines are great, and the lines are excellent. And the voice acting. Well, with Christine Cavanaugh, Kath Soucie, Michael Bell, Cree Summer, Tress MacNeille, Dan Castellaneta, Tony Jay, and several other voice over greats, and veteran screen actors Melanie Chartoff and Jack Riley, you can hardly ask for more. Well, JC would be nice…

The writers are so imaginative! Who but a child could come up with some of these ventures?!? I mean, mirror land and the pirate light (I loved the map :P) were not ideas typical growed-ups would have. A lot of the lines are priceless. I found myself quoting them so often last year that I talked like a baby 75% of the time.

I have so much Rugrats stuff in my room that I had to take some down in order for there to be any room for DWD stuff. My flute case has Rugrats stickies on it, and numerous dolls and figurines grace my dresser.

I have focused a lot of my energy on DWD and JC lately and have been sort of neglecting Rugrats. Kelly is really mad at me because I “don’t even like it anymore.” This is not true. I just don’t watch it as much. All they have been playing lately are the season nine episodes over and over and over…

Rugrats is a Klasky-Csupo production and is currently in its 10th season (I still can’t get over the fact that it started at the same time as Darkwing Duck). It airs on Nickelodeon about once every three hours. I know for a fact that it comes on at 6:30 PM on weekdays and new ones are at 7:00 PM on Saturday, but beyond that, you’re on your own.

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