Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen is an amazing actor capable of producing some of the strangest voices I have ever heard. And I’ve heard some strange voices!

We owe the invaluable site “Voice Chasers”, as well as the term for the hobby so many of us enjoy, to Mr. Paulsen. True, he didn’t create it, write it, or maintain it. No, those credits belong to Kristy Borkes, The Voice Catcher,Rosemary Reeve, Sonia Lai, Becky "Toonlady" Noll, Dylan Glassford, Christy Erkel, Suzanne Smiley, Jenna Leigh, and all of the other people involved in the beloved site. He merely got them interested in voices and was Kristy and Alli’s first connection, thereby influencing them to create the site.

Mr. Paulsen has appeared on so many different shows that I will only mention the ones I can remember right off the top of my head. These include Steelbeak, Foulmouth, Arnold, Banjo Possum, Concord Condor, Dr. Furrball, Biff the Bus Driver, Cooper De Ville, Johnney Phew, the hitchhiker from “Ho I Spent My Summer Vacation”, Pinky of “Pinky and The Brain” fame, Raphael, Major Glory, Puppet Pal Mitch, Yakko Warner, Dr. Otto Scratchansniff, Bubsy the Bobcat, Laplume of Belle’s Magical World, Squishington, Flash the Wonderdog, Darby Spree, the derby hat on “Battle of the Brainteasers” and “The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers Too”, P.J., Gusto of The Gummi Bears, Hathi of Jungle Cubs, Bonzai on “Timon and Pumbaa”, Rude Dog, Digery Dingo, Axl, Dog the Turtle, Francis X. Bushlad, Timothy Platypus, and Arthur (The Tick’s sidekick). He has also been in several advertisements, including several Honda commercials, a Pepsi commercial, and the Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr “Got Milk?” commercial where he was the radio announcer. Of course, as always, there are many more credits that I failed to include.

I first found out about Mr. Paulsen on the “About Us” page of Voice Chasers and looked him up. I got really interested in his work when I identified him as Steelbeak.

Mr. Paulsen was nominated for an Annie in Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting in the Field of Animation, November 1995, for Yakko Warner in "Animaniacs" and Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting by a Male Performer in an Animated Television Production, November 1998, for Pinky.

Mr. Paulsen can be reached at:
Rob Paulsen
Warner Bros. Animation
15303 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 USA

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