Full Name: Phillip Deville
Age: 1 1/2 years old
Occupation: Bug Eater, Lil's Twin, and Adventurer
Voice: Kath Soucie

Phil is your basic boy. He likes bugs, mud, trash cans, Spike, wet stuff, and going on adventures with Tommy and the Rugrats Gang!! He also enjoys eating.

Phil is a good brother to Lil, but their fights are very often. They usually end up with both of them agreeing and forgetting, or both of them crying.

Phil's attire consists of a green-blue jumper with a pocket and handkerchief and a yellow duck, white socks and blue shoes, blue shorts, and a pink and black striped tee-shirt.

He also likes bugs, as does his sister Lil. They often have quarrels about whose bug it is.

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