Let me begin by saying that I am truly sorry if I spelled her last name wrong. There are several different versions, many of which were used on the show. But what I’m cautious about are the stories I’ve heard about people getting flamed for spelling it “wrong”. Can you imagine?!? Flamed for spelling it differently! That’s just wrong. Anyhoo, I’m going to spell it “MacCabre”. This is not to say that this is the best way, nor the way I prefer. It’s simply the closest I’ve seen to the spelling of the word “macabre”. The point I’m trying to make is please don’t flame me. It’s just a variation. Now, if I were to misspell “Darkwing”…

Full Name: Morgana MacCabre
Age: That tears it; this field is gone!
Occupation: villain, restaurant owner, witch
Voice: Kath Soucie


Morgana is just a neat character. She is a witch, therefore I was immediately drawn to her. I’ve always had an interest in the paranormal and otherworldly, and between Morgue and her family, they have that area covered.

In the first couple of episodes that Morgana appeared in, she was a villain. Even so, “Dark”, as she calls him, was smitten from first sight. In “Fungus Among Us”, her premiere episode, she was the head of MacCabre Mushrooms Unlimited, a, well, mushroom company. Dark was investigating a crime wave involving ghost wolves, bats, spiders, giant snakes, and pizza toppings. That’s what led him to MacCabre mansion, the setting in which our favorite couple first met. They fell head over heels for each other. Morgue was drawn to his dark tendencies, Drake to her beauty (odd taste, eh?).

In “Ghoul of My Dreams”, Morgue showed up for her final stint as an evildoer. She was stealing to pay off her student loans. After this, she reforms and becomes a regular. She and Drake become inseparable; he even introduces her to the Muddlefoots. Even her family cannot come between them, and she earns the title of the fourth person to have acknowledged DW’s true identity, unless you count Negaduck, and he’s debatable. (If he is his evil counterpart, then he must know. But if he knew, he would have used it against him by now. “Ooh! Questions! Questions!…You drive me mad! Mad, I tell you! Mad!”)


Along with Morgue, the writers introduced several other characters, including Eek, Squeak, and Archie, her pets (Frank Welker), her father, Moloculo (Jack Angel), Granny, Aunt Nasty (Kath Soucie), Cousin Globby (Jim Cummings), Nodoff, and various other family members.

Morgana is just a tad ditzy at times, but is a strong female character (something the show definitely needed more of). She is just as mysterious as DW and has really groovy powers. But you’d better watch what you say around her. Temper, temper. This causes quite a clash between Drake and herself, along with the fact that they are both incredibly stubborn and Drake seems to be kind of ashamed of her at times. She had an especially wonderful scene in “Monsters R Us” referred to around my house as the “Fantasia scene”, as it looks much like the portion of the movie set to “Night on Bald Mountain”. In the words of the great Gosalyn Mallard, “Keen gear!”

Kath Soucie did an excellent job on her voice. Morgana was probably the most mature role she’s ever had. Her voice is typically very calm, mysterious, and almost seductive at times. But when she gets offended, she is furious and you can hear it distinctly in her voice.

Morgue is clothed in a Morticia Adams style dress that varies in colour from maroon to light pink with one of those little wing-like things connected to her left pinky. She has Bride of Frankenstein hair and light blue eyes with purple eye shadow. She wears a brass or gold ring on a necklace. OK, so I really can’t describe her. Maybe you ought to just look at a picture. She doesn't really have feet, as far as you can tell. She just kind of floats around.


~I'll teach them that violence isn't the answer if I have to kill them!"

~"Daddy, if you blow up my boyfriend, I'll never speak to you again!"

~DW: "Deep down, you're not an evil person."
Morgue: "An evil An evil business woman...yes!"

~DW: Oh, if only I hadn't blamed your food for kidnapping the bunnies, we wouldn't be on the brink of doom. This is all my fault! < beat > Well, aren't you going to argue with me? You know, "There there. It's not all your fault, DW." That sorta thing?
Morgue: No, it pretty much is all your fault.

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