Maurice LaMarche

Sometimes credited as “Moe” LaMarche, Maurice LaMarche is almost a legend in the field.

Mr. LaMarche has an amazing range of voices, but his most predominant and well known is the deep monotone he uses on such characters as The Brain of “Pinky and The Brain” and the reporter on “Arnold’s Halloween”. He also voices Big Bob Pataki, Abner - Arnold’s beloved pet pig, Dizzy Devil, Squit Pigeon, Yosemite Sam in “Carotblanca”, Pepe Le Pew in Space Jam, Dick McMan on “Dexter’s Laboratory”, Egon Spengler, Toucan Sam, Chief Quimby, Scuttle in the animated series, Hugh of “Taz-mania”, and many more. He is also well known for his Orson Wells impersonation.

There is a video clip of Mr. LaMarche doing the voice of Dizzy Devil at It’s hilarious, not only watching how active he is, but also his comment at the end.

I first heard of Mr. LaMarche at the end of Hey Arnold and looked him up on Voice Chasers. I started listening for him shortly after.

Thanks to Acme Laboratories for the picture.

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