Michael Bell

Michael Bell is yet another extremely talented actor.

Mr. Bell has many credits on Rugrats, including Drew Pickles, Chas Finster, Boris Kerpacketer, and virtually all of the male extras. Quackerjack owes his loony laugh to Mr. Bell and he voiced Mr. Banana Brain and the ever boring Mr. History Doll as well. Handy, Grouchy, and Lazy Smurf are all brought to life by this wonderful entertainer. Some of his other roles include Zan of the Super Friends, Blowtorch, Duke, Lift Ticket, and several other G. I. Joes, Stokey from Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco, Mina’s dad on Mina and the Count, Allstar, Bigweed, and one of the elders from The Snorks, and Batman on the episode of Tiny Toons entitled “Hollywood Plucky”. He has also done many of the recent Zales commercials.

Mr. Bell’s style is much like that of Jim Cummings, in the sense that you can tell it’s him most of the time, but only if you know what you’re listening for.

I first heard him on the Snorks or the Smurfs when I was REALLY little, but the first time I heard him after I found out that cartoons are not real was on Rugrats. I was very impressed with his work as Chas and Boris and later became fascinated by the quality of his other parts, as well as quantity.

Thanks to Elsie's Rugrats Page for the picture.
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