Full Name: Lillian Deville
Age: 1 1/2 years old
Occupation: Bug-eater, Adventurer, Phil's Sister
Voice: Kath Soucie

Lil is Phil's fraternal twin. She shares his love of worms or chocolate spaghetti and mud, as well as bugs and garbage. She is always ready to go on an adventure. Despite not being around girls all the time (not including Angelica) she acts very motherly. During the Mother's Day episode Lil attempts to become Chuckie's new mommy. In almost every single episode Lil and Phil get into petty arguments in which they call each other by their first names, Lillian and Phillip. The basic dialogue is

"Is too, Lillian."

"Is not, Phillip." Etc.

Lil and Phil are very close, and in the episode, "Together at Last", they get separated for fighting over a Reptar doll, the end really shows it.

Lil's attire consists of a bit of brown hair fastened with a pink bow, a pink blouse with poofy sleeves, a blue jumper dress with a dotted handkerchief in its pocket and a yellow duck, white socks, a diaper, and pink shoes.

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