Jeff Glen Bennett

The day I discovered that Dexter’s dad and Johnny Bravo were voiced by the same guy was a day of revelation. In fact, I was so astounded that I nearly made a page for him right then and there. But the initial shock wore off and I realized that I would have to write another of these Larry-forsaken pages. I can tolerate the show pages. There’s actually a bit of fun in the character pages. But let me tell you, THIS is what Robin and Galahad found in the Gorge of Eternal Peril (this and an endless game of touch football in the Koch refinery wetland during June in Corpus Christi). But I digress.

So, how did this page wind up here? You can blame Draca’s Please Don’t Let the Fire Die. Through her excellent writing, she convinced me to watch an episode of Mighty Ducks and I met Duke L’Orange for the first time outside of fanfic. This guy is just awesome and I love his voice. That, coupled with my original reason and my newfound love for Gargoyles (yes, you read right), made it impossible to not give this amazing voice artist a page.

"He's like Tony Danza with a sword-- a Brooklyn duck. He's been around the pond a few times and has a great hairdoo. We don't look alike except for our hair."
~Jeff Glen Bennett on Duke L’Orange from October 1996’s Disney Adventures

Alright, he’s Dexter’s dad, Johnny Bravo, Duke, Brooklyn, Owen, Magus, and I heard him as Mondo Man on MD: TAS last night, and he’s also supposed to be Canard. A trip to Voice Chasers tells me that he has also been Amin D'Moda from Aladdin: TAS, many, many one-timers on Animaniacs, Axe and Poke from "Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas", a couple of characters from Biker Mice from Mars by the names of Camembert and Mace, Roderick Lizzard, Jitters (!), and a couple of extras on Bonkers, Bump in the Night’s Gloog, someone named Orbitron (who sounds more than a little like he was based on John Cleese…) on some show called Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys, Lord Bravery and others from Freakazoid!, the Centipede’s singing voice in James and the Giant Peach, Petrie and extras in the second, third, and fourth Land Before Time movies (hey, even voice actors have their dignity), The Colonel, a Mouse Soldier, and a Toy Soldier in The Nuttiest Nutcracker (or not…), 101 Dalmatians: TAS’s Lieutenant Pug, P.H. DeVil, Ralphie St. Lowrent, Roger Dearly, Sergeant Tibbs, and Swamp Rat, Craig Bean and Dieter Liederhosen of Pepper Ann, several extras on Pinky and the Brain (including Zalgar), Kevin Costner in an episode of Tiny Toons, Cowlaradon of "The Wild West C.O.W. BOYS of Moo Mesa”, and many, many others.

Mr. Bennett has been nominated for two separate Annies for his role as Johnny Bravo - Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting in the Field of Animation, November 1995 and Outstanding Achievement for Voice Acting by a Male in an Animated Television Production, November 1997.

He can be reached at:

Jeff Bennett
c/o Sutton, Barth, & Vennari
145 S. Fairfax Ave. #310
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Thanks to Jeff (Glen) Bennett’s Page of Adoration for the picture and additional information.

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