Full Name: Ickis
Age: around 100
Occupation: monster, student at the Monster Academy
Voice: Charlie Adler

Expected to follow in his father, Slickis's footsteps as a great monster, Ickis is what some may call a slacker. He is an avid procrastinator, and is probably the student who gets Snorched the most often. He is very nervous and insecure, and is quite the wimp (this certainly is not a good quality for a monster). He has a heart of gold, which is another downfall, and is great with kids. He has grown very attached to a human child or animal on more than one occasion.

Icky's main scaring power is the ability to grow quite large and gain fangs in the process. He is sick and tired of being called a rabbit, and when he is, he shows the offender that he's no "cute little bunny"!

He has the potential of being a truly terrifying monster, if he were to do his homework on time.

Ickis has the high, squeaky voice that is characteristic of much of Charlie Adler's work. He looks a lot like, well, a cute little red bunny with elf shoes. He is one of the shortest of the monsters, which makes it good that he can grow. Humans usually overlook him before he gets bigger.

~a sculptor made a statue of him and called it "Fear"
~he is friends with a human (a BIG no-no)
~Once made 5 more of himself-Trickis, Thickis, Chickis, Fickis, and Gummo
~was once captured by Simon the Monster Hunter

~"I am not a bunny rabbit!"
~"Chickis tried to kiss Oblina! I'm never gonna live that one down!"
~"Slumber party? You mean, sleeping. Sounds...boring!"

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