Hey Arnold!

This Nicktoon follows the lives of Arnold (currently Spencer Klien, formerly Phillip Van Dyke and Toran Caudell), a 4th grader at PS 118, and his classmates in "the big city".

Arnold faces normal, everyday problems, along with a few out of the ordinary situations. Among these are bullies, girls, teachers, changing voices, school projects, and, on occasion, an urban legend or two (this is his best bud, Gerald Johanson's, department).

His classmates include:
Helga G. Pataki,
Phoebe Heyerdahl,
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd (Olivia Hack) - dubbed the “most popular girl in school”,
Harold Burman (Justin Shenkarow) - the class bully who “wants his mommy”,
Stinky Peterson (Christopher Walberg for all but the first episode. That was Toran Caudell) – a tall, lanky hick,
Sid (Sam Gifaldi) – hmmm…he’s just kind of there,
Eugene (currently Ben Diskin, formerly Jarret Lennon and Christopher Castile) – the jinx,
Curly (currently Haley J. Osment, formerly Adam Wylie) – the psycho who thinks that he is God’s gift to women,
Sheena (Francesca Smith)– a “geek”. (She would be a great character, if they would develop her more),
Brainy (Craig Bartlett) – the freaky guy who comes up behind people and breathes heavily,
Gerald Johanson (Jamil Smith) – “the definition of cool”
Lila (Ashley Buccille) – the object of Arnold’s affection and Helga’s arch nemesis. They could do very well without her, but she adds some new story line possibilities,
Patty Smith (Danielle Judovitz)– the bully who just wants everyone to quit laughing at her behind her back,
Chocolate Boy (Jordan Warkol) - the name says it all,
Lorenzo (Victor Cohn-Lopez)- a "dang millionaire", as Stinky put it. Arnold and the gang are still teaching him how to be a kid,
Nadine (Lauren Robinson) - Rhonda's best friend and future entomologist
and Mr. Simmons (Dan Butler) - PS 118's 4th grade teacher. Much like Daria's Mr. Timothy O'Neill, he believes in all that touchy feely, inspirational mumbo jumbo and that violence never solved anything (Unlike Mr. O'Neill, however, he seemed to have everyone's names down pretty well by the end of the first episode he was in).

Arnold lives with his Grandpa who is a "wily old coot" (Dan Castellaneta), and his crazy Grandma (Tress MacNeille) who thinks she's a secret agent, a karate master, a hunter, a safarier (is that a word?), a soldier, a minute man, a hula dancer...

He resides at Sunset Arms, the boarding house his grandparents own, along with many very strange, very different boarders, including:
Mr. Hyunh (Boaon Coleman) - a finicky Vietnamese guy who once "went country"
Oskar Kokoshka (Steve Viksten) - a thief, liar, cheat, slacker, free loader, and total looser
Suzie Kokoshka (Mary Scheer)- Oskar's wife. She cooks, she cleans, she works, she treats Oskar like a baby, she kicks Oskar out of the apartment. All in a day's work for Suzie.
Ernie Potts (Dom Irrera) - a demolition worker. His room is full of bricks: one from every building he's ever knocked down
Mr. John Smith - the very mysterious boarder who inhabits Room 13. You never get to see more of him than a trench coat and bowler derby, and it has been hinted at that he might be involved in some secret government project

My favorite episodes are the Helga-Arnold episodes and ones centered around Phoebe or Sheena (OK, they would be my favorites, if they existed).

Hey Arnold could be considered a newer, funnier, and all around better version of the original Doug. Wonderful animation, great scripts, and fantastic actors make this one a must see.

Arnold is created by Craig Bartlett and produced by Snee-Oosh. It is currently in its 4th season. It airs on Nickelodeon at 6:00 PM very weekday and 9:30 AM on Saturdays and Sundays.

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