Grey DeLisle

The next in the series of new voice actors to catch my ear (see Phil LaMarr), Grey DeLisle, just so happens to also be just about the last main cast member of Weekenders to get a page.

And, indeed, it was on Weekenders that I first paid her any attention. Her performance as Lor McQuarrie is fabulous, and her minor characters on the show make me appreciate her talent all the more. But it wasn’t until I made the connection between Lor and Vicky of Fairly Oddparents that I truly had an “Oh my goodness, I _love_ her!” moment. Toss in Tootie, Femme Fatale, and Frankie Foster, and you’ve got yourself a superb actress.

Ms. DeLisle has been insanely busy since Weekenders, it would seem. In addition to voicing Queen Amidala in many of the Star Wars video games, she is one of the recent voices of Scooby Doo’s Daphne Blake. Some of her other main characters include Sam Manson of Danny Phantom, Grim and Evil’s Mandy, Emily Elizabeth in the Clifford series, Brandon Higsby from As Told By Ginger, and Evy O’Connell of the short-lived Mummy series. She has been in multiple episodes of Johnny Bravo and Duck Dodgers and voiced Roxanne in an episode of House of Mouse. Ms. DeLisle has also done some live acting and is a singer and a stand-up comedian.

Page written September 21, 2004.