Francesca Smith

Sometimes credited as Francesca Marie Smith, she may not have as much experience as other actors, but this does not take away from the extent of her skills.

Francesca is the young woman behind some unforgettable characters. She brings life unto Helga G. Pataki, Sheena, Gloria, and the Campfire Lass from Hey Arnold!, and Ashley Beaulais from Recess. Much like Cree Summer, you have to really be listening for her to hear her most of the time.

I saw Miss Smith for the first time on a Nicksclusive a while ago, back when I really hated Helga, and didnít pay it much attention. Later, I grew to appreciate Helga and, thusly, became fascinated by her voice.

Although her credits to date are few, this is sure to change in the near future. She has the makings of a great voice actor and it would be wise to keep an eye on this future superstar.

Thanks to Helga's Shrine to the Football Head for the picture. They got it from Fran herself.

Francesca Smith Voiceography

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