Darkwing Duck

Full Name: Drake Mallard
Age: early to mid thirties, probably
Occupation: crime fighter, father
Voice: Jim Cummings


DW looking much like a bat.

DW is a member of Gos' (my) Fantasy Harem at Animated Lust (Rated PG!)

“I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the batteries that aren’t included. I am Darkwing Duck!”

Voiced by Jim Cummings, the master of the art, you know Darkwing is a great character even before you watch the show. By day, he is Drake Mallard, an ordinary, boring father living an ordinary, boring life. But by night, he is Darkwing Duck, the winged scourge that pecks at your nightmare. The grade curve that gives you an "F". The fast food that comes back to haunt you...

DW is the suave, mysterious type that would make women swoon, if they were to realize his existence. But this doesn’t discourage our hero. In fact, his ego is bigger than Alaska. This becomes very apparent in “Duck Blind” and “Just Us Justice Ducks”, two of my personal faves.

One of the things I love most about DW is how sweet he is to his daughter, Gosalyn. She is what keeps him going. When the cold, cruel world turns its back on Darkwing Duck, Gos convinces him that he must keep St. Canard safe from those who would cause harm to the innocent.


Drake and Gos.

Our hero’s trademark is his smoky entrance scenes (some of his lines are included above), gas gun with various types of cartridges, and costume, consisting of a purple mask, wide-brimmed hat, cape, and double breasted jacket, and turquoise turtleneck. I’ve always wondered: why don’t cartoon animals wear pants?

~He once had the chance to be a comic book hero, and passed it up (kind of).
~He didn’t like the nickname DW when he first teamed up with Launchpad McQuack.
~He eventually became used to it, and started calling Launchpad LP.
~Was known as "Drakie" while in school.
~He can play the harmonica, as seen on "Days of Blunder"
~When approached with an amusing abortion (as in disaster), this astute avis always abruptly articulates an abrasive alliteration.

~ “Suck gas, evil doer!”
~ “Let’s get dangerous.”
~ “There are evil doers to th-wart.”
~ “Some people grow up and some just grow older.” (maybe he should have said “Some ducks grow up...”)
~Drake: "Gosalyn, what say we let me pitch the tent, while you go chop some firewood?"
Gos: "*gasp* Really? Yahoo!"
Drake: "Maybe that wasn't such a good idea."
~ "I am the kettle that whistles in the night. I'm a little teacup with the teeny weenie hole in the handle that you can never quite get your finger in. I am Teapot Duck."
~ "The future doesn't leave recorded messages, by the way, so you'd better be there to answer."
~Gizmoduck: "Stick with me and I'll teach you everything I know."
DW: "Well, that ought to take a good 4 or 5 minutes."
~"Fortunately, I never leave home without a heavy-duty hydraulic jack."
~ Thadeus Rockwell: "I created you!"
DW: "That's certainly gonna surprise the heck out of Mom and Dad!"

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