Carlos Alazraqui

Iíve been trying for an entire year now to hear Rocko in James Garcia, and itís just not happening.

Along with quite a large portion of my generation that grew up with the original Nicktoons, I spent a good deal of my childhood watching Rockoís Modern Life. Even back then, I was already a sucker for the victimized characters, and I adored that poor little wallaby.

Fast forward a few years to find me sitting at my computer researching voice actors. Oh my goodness, Rocko and Spunky were the same guy. Oh my goodness, heís the Taco Bell Chihuahua (which for some inexplicable reason is the role heís won an award for...). And now heís Winslow. And so it was.

Fast forward a few more years to find me casually watching Comedy Central when Ė Oh my goodness, itís Rocko! On Reno 911! And Garcia is definitely another victimized (sort of) character, and I love him, too.

So really, Iíve been meaning to do this page for about...five years now. Here it is. Enjoy. Just donít ask me to pronounce his last name.

Mr. Alazraqui currently provides the voice of Mr. Crocker on Fairly Oddparents (speaking of characters who sound nothing like Garcia...) and Paco on Maya and Miguel. He has also been on Family Guy, Detention, Mucha Lucha, and Spongebob Squarepants. And a bunch of other stuff. Mr. Alazraqui is also a stand-up comic whose Comedy Central Presents can be seen on, well, Comedy Central.

Page written September 21, 2004.