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Korvettenkapitan Otto Kretschmer:

Korvettenkapitan Otto Kretschmer
Special Thanks to Juergen Schlemm from the U-Boat Net for the pictures of my Grand Uncle

Korvettenkapitan Otto Kretschmer: ...he wanted to prove he could attack by night on the surface and carry out his personal principle of "one torpedo, one ship." Fans of torpedoes were, in his opionion, a waste of equipment and effort and allowed a U-boat commander to attack from a position of comparative safety in the hope of hitting something, instead of taking carefully calculated risks and by precision firing making every torpedo count. It was from this time that he became the first commander to attack convoys only by night and always on the surface. This attack was to set the pattern. At this stage of the war no other commanders followed Kretschmer's technique, considering it too dangerous, yet it was this method that led him to outstrip his colleagues in sinkings.
-from"Night Raider on the Atlantic" by Terence Robertson

Kptlt. Otto Kretschmer on the 'wintergarden' of his U99

Kptlt. Otto Kretschmer

Kptlt. Otto Kretschmer with fellow officers as POWs.

Special Thanks to my best friend Larry, who mentioned Otto's name during a u-boat discussion we were having one evening. If he hadn't mentioned him, I wouldn't have known that my uncle was a U-boat Ace. Also, Special Thanks to Juergen Schlemm at the U-boat Net for confirming it.

In Memoriam
1 May 1912 - 5 August 1998

A book published about his life as a commander of the famous U-99.


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