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This Web site is an Un-Official web site of the LDS religion and what I say in no way speaks for the entire congregation. Never mind any of the congregation. This web site is just something that I did for fun. Keep in mind that what I say here is my opinion. But if you like what you see, you see, you can click on The Angel Moroni and it will take you to the Official web site of the LDS Church. I prophet nothing from this web site except that from the thought of helping others.


The House of the Lord

Let me start by introducing myself... My name is Andy Rupert I live in Utah. And as most everybody knows Utah is the Mormon capitol of the world. I don't live very far from the Salt Lake City Temple. I was born into this church in the year 1983 and would not change that for the world. My next statement would be yes I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I find myself lucky to be born in this dispensation. I enjoy reading the Book of Mormon, and learning as much as I can about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I am one of 10 Brothers and no Sisters; I know not actually your average 6 Boys 4 Girls Utah family. But a girl born into this family would get spoiled rotten and not to mention never get a date. And if she ever did the guy would be terrified beyond Capacity for rational thought. He'd be thinking all through the date, "If I mess up, her brothers will kill me." I think it would be WAY weird to have a girl living in a house with this many boys!

Prophets (Past and current) have said a lot about dating, being morally clean and the law of chastity and I have found a really cool web site about this Very Topic. Me being a teenager and all, I am aware of the difficulties and struggles we have concerning this subject growing up in this day and age. It is hard to stay in control. But we must understand that next to murder sexual transgressions are one of the best and easiest ways to offend God.

As you may know we were saved for these Latter-Day's because God knows we can get through this. There is this thought that I have on my wall in my room that I wrote in a low time in my life and that is "God would not give us obstacles if he knew we could not get through them." I truly believe that! I am sure many of you have heard the expression "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." I think it's true, God gives us trials and tribulations to test us and make us stronger. So that the next time he gives us a trial us we will be ready.

~Helpful Site for Memorizing Scriptures~
I also think that memorizing scriptures is very important. So on this site I have decided to give you guys a link to Scriptorian it is a Scripture Mastery program that allows you to access The Standard Works This program also allows you to scripture chase any verse from the Book of Mormon., D&C., Old Testament., and the New Testament Including all 100 Scriptures that you are supposed to memorize to letter in Seminary. It also allows you to pick and chose any scriptures from the Standard works. You can pick your favorite scriptures; this program makes it very easy for you to memorize your favorite scriptures

~Crystal Tears~
I have had the Internet off and on for the last couple of years, and found many good web sites, but I think that in all my years of having the WWW my all time favorite LDS web page I have ever found is Crystal Tears. it is a picture of Christ looking down on this earth from above and crying, no doubt because of the evil and wickedness of the world. Or if you will, the great and spacious building in Lehi's dream.
~Share Your Testimony~

I believe that second to the Gospel of Jesus Christ your Testimony is one of the greatest things that you can share with anyone.
Elder Robert D. Hales, Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, In a October 1994 General Conferance Talk, entitled, 'The Importance of Receiving a Personal Testimony'  Said "A strong testimony allows us to help others in their search for truth. Our testimony is a gift from God. It should be shared, but we do not have the authority to bestow a testimony upon someone else, because a personal testimony is granted by the Holy Ghost. It can aid others in gaining knowledge for themselves—a knowledge abiding in the heart that leaves no room for doubt." How powerfull is that? The last sentence in that quote is probably one of my favorites on this entire page. A true Testimony, is a knowledge abiding in the heart that leaves no room for doubt. Please feel free to share your Testimony.

~Free Stuff~
For the last couple of years I have been downloading LDS related programs and files on the internet, and I believe that I have found some that are quite good. I do remind you that everything that you are able to download, I downloaded from someone else, or obtained at no cost so I figured I would share the wealth. Like I said, "I profite nothing from this web site exept that from the thought of healping others."

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