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Belecia Andrea Holston
Beloved Daughter of Albert and Yolanda Holston
Born into Heaven on January 19, 2000
Caused by Potter's Syndrome
"The Holston's were touched by a rose named 'Belecia'.
We Love and Miss you baby girl we will always treasure
your memory if for only a moment."
"Angel Belecia"

Michaela Riebroek
Beloved Daughter of Michael and Louisa
Born into Heaven on October 12, 1998
Caused by Stillbirth at 37 weeks
We love and miss you every day
our little sweet baby Angel.
"Angel Michaela"

Caitlyn Nicole Elaine McCraney
December 29, 1998 - January 5, 1999
Beloved Daughter of Alfred and Danielle
Beloved Sister of Trevor Jacob and Ladonna Nicole.
Caused by HIE, due to uterine rupture
with attempted VBAC at 42 weeks
"Sleep little Angel, until we meet again."
"Angel Caitlyn"

Jasmine Marie Jimenez
December 11, 1999 - June 09, 2000
Beloved Daughter of Mary Ann and Carlos Sr.
Beloved Sister of Carlos Jr. and Gabriel
Victim of S.I.D.S.
Our little Angel had a smile on her the day she was born .
Loved to have her picture taken,
and would smile big in every picture.
Jasmine was grandma's pride and joy!
Oh grandma loves Angel girl's brother's,
but Angel girl was grandma's first granddaughter.
"Angel Jasmine"

Serenity Brianna Renee Smithem
January 27, 1997 - March 31, 2000
Beloved Daughter of Brian and Yvonne
Beloved Sister of MaKaila
Caused by Heptablastoma
"We love & miss you so much, Serenity!"
"Angel Serenity"

Amber Marie Hall
February 13, 1994 - May 26, 1996
Beloved Daughter of Jody and Jenniffer
Caused by Shaken Baby Syndrome
"Angel Amber"

Kimberly Christine Hadley
Beloved Daughter of Ron and Judi
Beloved Sister of Randi
Due to be born September 28, 1999
Born into Heaven on April 21, 1999
Caused by Anencephaly
"Our little angel will be forever in our hearts."
"Angel Kimberly"

Courtney McKenzie
Beloved Daughter of Jan and Pamela
Beloved Sister of Vanessa and Austin
Born into Heaven on January 10, 1993
Caused by an Incompetent Cervix
"We miss and love you dearly.
We know God is taking care of you.
One day we will hold you in our arms
for the first time."
"Angel Courtney"

Karina Lee Menze
Beloved Daughter of Hank and Jolene
Beloved Sister of Bret Allen, Carrie Lee, and Derek Edward
Born into Heaven in January 1967
Victim of Miscarriage
"I Love and miss my three Babies very much.
But, I know I will hold them in Heaven someday.
I Love You my sweet Babies.
"Angel Karina"

Alexandria Debra Peacock
Beloved Daughter of Stacey Peacock
Beloved Sister of Mikhayla and Dillan Jesse
Born into Heaven on March 10, 1998
Victim of Miscarriage due to Maternal Diabetes
"Some people only dream of Angels,
I carry one in my Heart."
"Angel Alexandria"

Mikhayla Elizabeth Peacock
Beloved Daughter of Stacey Peacock
Beloved Sister of Alexandria and Dillan Jesse
Born into Heaven on May 18, 1997
Victim of Miscarriage due to Maternal Diabetes
"A few precious weeks was all we had together...
but you will live in my heart Forever."
"Angel Mikhayla"

Tiffany Lane
April 20, 1982 - December 5, 1996
Beloved Daughter of Thad and Karin Tyra
Beloved Sister of Alicia and Gabriel
Victim of Suicide
"I miss my Angel Tiffany..."
"Angel Tiffany"

Ashley Marie
Beloved Daughter of Marion
Born into Heaven on August 1, 1990
Caused by an Ectopic Pregnancy
"I will always love you and I feel your presence always.
Ashley Marie, you will always be a part of me,
no one can break our bond..miss you terribly..
"Angel Ashley"

Janine Bobbi O'Brien
Beloved Daughter of Colin and Mary
Beloved Sister of Colin
Born into Heaven on May 27, 1999 (4:45 a.m.)
"We miss you, our curly red headed Angel"
"Angel Janine"

Shyla Jade Bergeron
Beloved Daughter of Harmony & Devin
Beloved Sister of Austin
Born into Heaven on November 9th, 2002
Victim of Stillbirth
Mommy loves you so much!
"Angel Shyla"

Logan Denes
Beloved Daughter of Angie & Joe
Beloved Sister of Jordan, Riley & Landon
Went to Heaven on September 27th, 1997
Hit by a tow truck
Loved and missed by the entire family
"Angel Logan"

Brett Madeline Copley
Beloved Daughter of Tracy & Eric
Beloved Sister of Jonathan, Monica, Joshua (An Angel) & New Sister Lucynda
Born into Heaven June 20, 1998
Caused by an Ectopic Pregnancy
We love and miss you, Baby Brett
"Angel Brett"

Ashlynn Brice
Beloved Daughter of Raegan and Kevin
Born into Heaven on November 25, 2003
Victim of Miscarriage
"Angel Ashlynn"

Caylen Olivia
Beloved Daughter of Erin
Born into Heaven on May 2, 2003
Victim of Miscarriage
"Angel Caylen"

Mary Elizabeth
November 12, 1992 - February 8, 2002
Beloved Daughter of Babette and George
Beloved Sister of Wayne and Frank
Victim of Cystic Fibrosis
"Angel Mary"

Delaney Wright
April 6, 1996 - January 7, 2002
Beloved Daughter of Robert and Amy
Beloved Sister of Kevin
Victim of AML Leukemia
"Angel Delaney"

Hailie Jordan Freeze
November 24, 1997 - January 25, 2002
Beloved Daughter of Brad and Misty
Beloved Sister of Brandon and Jacob
Victim of Cerebral Palsy
"Angel Hailie"

Destiny Christanna Mae
Flew to Heaven on March 24, 2001
Beloved Daughter of James and Sandra
Beloved Sister of David and Matthew
Victim of Premature Birth at 21 weeks
"Angel Destiny"

Hartley Rae
Flew to Heaven on June 24, 2003
Beloved Daughter of Ray and Danette
Beloved Sister of Shelby Lynn
Victim of Severe IUGR & Absent/Reversed Diastolic Flow
"Angel Hartley"

Mackenzie Lynn
Born into Heaven on May 29, 2003
Beloved Daughter of Ash'leigh and Sheldyn
Victim of Miscarriage
"Angel Mackenzie"

Taylor Reinhart Roberts
February 25, 1992 - April 18, 2003
Beloved Daughter of Loretta Roberts
Victim of being hit by a car
"Angel Taylor"

Kathleen Ann Roberts
August 6, 2002 - November 26, 2002
Beloved Daughter of Deanna and Robert
Beloved Sister of Trent and Robert
Victim of S.I.D.S.
"Angel Kathleen"

Charlene Marie Ross
October 13, 1979 - September 6, 1998
Beloved Daughter of Charles and Berneice
Beloved Sister of Chuck and Howie
Victim of AML Leukemia
"Angel Charlene"

Brionna Faith Huebel
Born into Heaven on September 11, 2002
Beloved Daughter of Stephanie and Terrance
Victim of an Umbilical Cord Accident
"Angel Brionna"

Lyndsie Erin Wood
August 6, 2002 - August 11, 2002
Beloved Daughter of Abbey and Jason
Victim of Mitochondrial Disease
"Angel Lyndsie"

Nina Al-Misnad
October 14, 1981 - April 22, 1999
Beloved Daughter of Evelyn
Beloved Sister of Kalifa
Victim of a car accident
"Angel Nina"

Michelle Lynn Tassara
October 12, 1982 - November 19, 1999
Beloved Daughter of Elaine and Mike
Beloved Sister of Michael, Mellissa, and Matthew
Victim of a car accident
"Angel Michelle"

Skylier Arlene Bell
November 13, 2001 - November 30, 2001
Beloved Daughter of Bob and Shady
Beloved Sister of Bobby, Tabitha, Sean, and Shane
Victim of S.I.D.S.
"Angel Skylier"

Sierra Raine Wallace
Born into Heaven on June 8, 2004
Beloved Daughter of Web and Trish
Beloved Sister of Justin, Amanda, and Webby
Victim of Umbilical Cord Accident
"We love you and miss you so very much."
"Angel Sierra"

Bobbi Jo "Sisk" Jones
December 28, 1982 - July 18, 2003
Beloved Daughter of Jim and Judy
Beloved Sister of Jami Rae
Beloved Mother of Ariauna
Victim of an Automobile Accident
"Angel Bobbi"

Ariauna Markee Jones
October 22, 2002 - December 24, 2002
Beloved Daughter of Michael and Bobbi Jones
Victim of S.I.D.S.
"Angel Ariauna"

Sakiah Hunt
January 16, 1997 - July 17, 2004
Beloved Daughter of Bonita Hunt and Jimmy Carter
Beloved Sister of Sean, Brandon and Christopher
Victim of Leukemia
"Angel Sakiah"

Nicoya Blue
February 9, 1996 - October 21, 2001
Beloved Daughter of Penny
Beloved Sister of Natalie Hammonds
Victim of a Car Accident
"Angel Nicoya"

Britney McGee
April 10, 1990 - October 21, 2001
Beloved Daughter of Jerry and Myrtice
Victim of a Car Accident
"Angel Britney"

Leslie McGee
March 19, 1989 - October 21, 2001
Beloved Daughter of Jerry and Myrtice
Victim of a Car Accident
"Angel Leslie"

Rachel Victoria Kruth-Mull
Born into Heaven on June 15, 1994
Beloved Daughter of Wendy
Beloved Sister of Ashley, Brenden, and William
Victim of Stillbirth
"Angel Rachel"

Tara Swilley
December 18, 1977 - August 2, 2004
Beloved Daughter of Buddy and JoAnn Parker
Beloved Sister of Tammy and Tonya
Victim of Murder
"Angel Tara"
"Tara had a lot of love in her heart for everyone."

Elizabeth Elouise Keene
November 27 1994 - June 5, 2002
Beloved Daughter of Rita and Greg Keene
Beloved Sister of Kimberly Keene
Victim of AML
"Angel Elizabeth"
"God's Little Angel"

Erin Madison
Entered Heaven on March 30, 1999
Beloved Daughter of Lisa and Tim
Beloved Sister of Blake, born March 31, 2000
Victim of IUGR, Preeclampsia, Mothers BP problem
"Angel Erin"

August 18, 1996 - August 26, 1996
Beloved Daughter of Amanda and Carl
Beloved Sister of Matt, Adam, Lewis and Christopher
Victim of Premature Birth
"Sweet Dreams Baby Girl."
"Angel Hannah"

Roxanne Manley
November 14, 1979 - January 20, 1993
Beloved Daughter of Rosemary & George Manley (Deceased)
Beloved Sister of Robert Sean Manley (Deceased)
Victim of Progressive Neurological Disorder
"Angel Roxanne"

Bree Cathrene Styles
Beloved Daughter of Braden & Bobby Styles
Beloved Sister of Gavin Lee & Mia Lauren
Born into Heaven on May 20, 2005
Victim of Unknown Causes
"Bree was beautiful and perfect,
we love and miss her more than words can say."
"Angel Bree"

Katelynn Natalia Ramirez
Born into Heaven on January 5, 2005
Beloved Daughter of Theresa Holguin & Enrique Ramirez
Victim of Stillbirth
"I miss you mami and God do I wish I could have you in my arms right now.
I'm forever thinking of you and I will forever have you in my heart.
I love you and miss you dearly."
"Angel Katelynn"

Kinsey Shaw
September 16, 1991 - May 22, 2004
Beloved Daughter of Russell & Cheri Shaw
Beloved Sister of Kelszi & Kacey
"Angel Kinsey"

Hannah Jasmine
Concieved 1~20~99 EDD 10~15~99
Born into Heaven on February 14, 1999
Beloved Daughter of Tanya
Victim of Miscarriage
"Angel Hannah"

Karen Campbell
Beloved Wife of Ron Campbell
Joined her Son Steve in Heaven,
On August 26, 2005
Victim of Heart Failure
She was a wonderful neighbor to me. - Amanda
"Angel Karen"

Beloved Daughter of Theo and Anna
Beloved Sister of an Angel
Born into Heaven on January 9, 2005
Victim of a Spiraled Cord
“Angel Kate”

Amanda Jo
September 9, 1990 - January 22, 1991
Beloved Daughter of Shane and Kelli Dietrich
Beloved Sister of Samantha, Cody, Alyssa, Meagan, & Leah
Victim of Pneumonia

“Angel Amanda”

Born into Heaven on March 30, 2000
Beloved Daughter of Michelle
Beloved Sister of Kayla and Timmy
Victim of a Placental Abruption

“Angel Hayley”

Beverly Dawn Chambers
December 15, 1974 - October 10, 1975
Beloved Daughter of Lorene Hacker
Beloved Sister of Tabitha and Taronda
Victim of a Drunk Driver
“I will always miss you my baby angel.”

“Angel Beverly”

Angel Baby
Born into Heaven on November 22, 2000
Beloved Daughter of Amber and Melvin
Beloved Sister of Steven, Thomas, and Joshua
Victim of Unknown Causes

“Angel Baby”

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