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Hanson Stories 'N Stuff

It's finally Summer, and like I said, now I've got a lot more time to spend on this site! I'm still working, though, and I know that there will probably never come a day when it is finished. It's always under construction. I will always be editing, taking things out, adding things in, etc.

I'm going to a Hanson concert in PA in September. I'tll be my first hanson concert ever. I'm way excited. After the concert 'll write about it on here for all you people who've never been to one. I know it'll be awesome!

Also, I'm looking for somebody who would like to be my full-time story-writer. If you're interested, please email me at

Updates: I started a makeover thing for my website. Go to Beauty and then click on Makeovers for more info on it.

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