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HOLLA!!!!and Welcome to the wonderful world of Dirt. One warning this page may disturb and distress you, those of the weak of heart should turn back now while it's still safe, don't want any lawsuits on my, just kidding everyone. This page is totally harmless, unless you can't stand the word "dirt" which is my nickname. Ok so let me tell ya'll the story behind the name....well you see, back in freshman year in HS, this wee little rumer got started that i called our Earth Science teacher "older then dirt", which being the studious and innocent girl i am, i would never even think of doing..hehe..well for some reason everyone thought that i had said that, so my nickname since then has been dirt. Well now everyone knows the story behind the legend;-) Hmmmm, let's see i went to good ole Churchville Chili doo doo do do do, well there were some good times there, check out my hs page for more info on that. And now i am here at good old Daemen :-) Play basketball, love the team here, like the food, and have lots of great friends, and some ones i am trying to get rid of...(krista take the hint..;-) just kidding) For more on that check out my page on college. Well i know this isn't the best webpage in the world, but it's mine, and I'm proud of it so:-p to you...hehe..Well check out my other pages if you feel so inclined, I know you'll enjoy them (well there is a slim chance ya might;-) but take a peek anyaway..HAVE FUN And DON'T HATE!!!!Comments are Welcome, Send me some mail!oh and some more info on me...i am 21 years old, 6' tall, and currently dating a great guy:-)(two years, 7 months and counting) named Mike, he is in the pic up above!

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