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Fan Art

FanArt by Wouter Jaegers
FanArt by Liliane Grenier
FanArt by Killjoy

Daria (Laney)
Daria as Cinderella (sort of... ^_^) (Max Nekhoda)
Gothic Daria (Max Nekhoda)
Renaissance Quinn (Bizarrechild108)
Elevator Fan art based on Mike Yamiolkoski's work "Outage" (S. Red)
Trent (Maria Griffo)
Andrea Photo manipulation (Taryn)
Brittany Photo manipulation (Taryn)
Jodie Photo manipulation (Taryn)
Quinn Photo manipulation (Taryn)
Gothic Tiffany (Gina)
Gothic Daria (Gina)
Gothic Brittany (Gina)
Gothic Trent (Gina)
Gothic Jake photo manipulation (EDariaFan)
Daria, from "April Is the Cruelest Month" (SRA) - Portrait of Daria Morgendorffer, junior at Raft College, as depicted in "April Is the Cruelest Month," by Roger Moore
Daria, from "April is the Cruelest Month (SRA) - Portrait of Jane Lane, junior at Boston Fine Arts College and recovering accident victim, as depicted in "April Is the Cruelest Month," by Roger Moore
Daria in Chains (Rick "RedlegRick" Hennigan) - Daria Morgendorffer at the Kinsington Women's Correctional Facility, from "Where No Light Breaks, Where No Sea Runs," by The Angst Guy.
Dariaverse Meets Dariaverse (Damaged Roses) - A scene from the fanfic "Illusions," by CharlieGirl, The Angst Guy, and Angelinhel. A world-hopping Daria discovers to her annoyance that her alternate-world selves always faint upon first meeting her. This work was created by Damaged Roses in February 2005 using Paint Shop Pro 8.0.
But Now Is Found (Uzurpator) - For the fanfic, "But Now Is Found," by The Angst Guy. Young Daria and an alien invader take a story break to comment on the author of "But Now Is Found." This work was created in May 2004. Says Uzurpator, "As for technique - I have first drawn the basic shapes and contours using b-splines, then simply filled resulting bitmap with colors. Nothing special really."
Darius (Nick "Ranchoth" Gaston) - A scene from the fanfic "Darius," by The Angst Guy. "By my records, I finished it in mid-March. And to create it, I composited promotional art of Daria, with a couple of screencaps of Mr. O'Neill, one of the three Js, and a hint of Jake's jaw. I mostly used Color It! 2.3, a freeware Mac paint program I got free on a floppy disc with a Macworld book in 1994, and did the background (a distorted photo of the cover of El Greco) and a lighting filter in PhotoLine, a shareware paint program, before wrapping it all together in Color It." -- Ranchoth.
Girlie Daria (Lindsay) - "This is what Daria would be like if she was girlie or in some $1000 bet."
Jane and Daria (Christ Oliver)
Daria (Christ Oliver - see his site here)
Evil Daria from Richard Lobinske's "Three" (Angelinhel, Richard Lobinske)
Fiery Jane (Andie)
Daria & Napotl (Larissa and/or Bridget)
Daria as Isis (Larissa)
Daria as Quetzelcoatl (Larissa and/or Bridget)
Jane as Athena (Larissa and/or Bridget)

Well, here's our fanfic and art section, so send in your work! Please! I'm currently doing a remake of this page, but it won't be ready for a while, so this'll do for now.

Well, we do have a couple of rules for submitting, so here they are.

Attach a brief description of the events in your fic. I'll do something with this when I have time.
Let us edit out any grammatical or spelling errors you might have. This is not to insult your intelligence, it is just a condition of an obsessive-compulsive. Really, it'll still say the same thing, but just sort of an upgraded version. PS: This is not going to be a profoundly great cleanup. I'll do the best I can within reason. It may not seem this way, but I actually do have a life other than this. To tell you the truth, if I can't figure it out after reading it a few times over, I'll probably just keep it the way it is - I'm lazy that way. ^_^
Keep it pretty clean. We will not post anything really sick on this page. By this I mean, of course, that I don't want to read a porno novel. Sex is just peachy, but please, nothing really graphic.
Of course you can swear, but please not excessively. Seriously, you have a better vocabulary than that.
Pretty much the same rules apply to art.
That's it. Not too terribly hard, eh? So send your work here.