julie_lwc: hey:)
gillieldredge: im gonna barf
julie_lwc: y?
gillieldredge: i looked at your picture
julie_lwc: well thank you:)
gillieldredge: that's the sickest thing i have ever seen
gillieldredge: your like jabba the hut
gillieldredge: that's painfully funny
julie_lwc: at least i have the fucking balls to put my pic on there and not some animated shit like you have
gillieldredge: you have fucking balls?
julie_lwc: says you play piano?
gillieldredge: you really are jabba the hut
gillieldredge: are you lezbo's friend?
julie_lwc: surely you can be more creative than i'm gonna barf
julie_lwc: lol
julie_lwc: that reeeeeeally disapoints me if thats all ya got;)
gillieldredge: no that's really what i was going to do
gillieldredge: that wasn't a dis
gillieldredge: it was natural
gillieldredge: even if a three year old saw a picture of you, it would barf
julie_lwc: lol
gillieldredge: i hear people laugh when they're nervous
gillieldredge: then i was like, i need some pizza
gillieldredge: are you there jabba
gillieldredge: ?
gillieldredge: "Sometimes our imperfections are our greatest works of art."
gillieldredge: you're the biggest work of art ever
gillieldredge: no wonder you're single