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#3Stones A Gorean Tavern

Welcome friends and visitors! Here in is the beginning... for this is always under construction,

I have started with a story ..The author of the story is `F`Lar

I hope you enjoy this beginning and will e-mail suggestions of content to add all will be reviewed fairly ... Thanks and do visit REGULARLY... A Gorean Garden Tavern {paga Den}.. A gathering place for friends as well as travelers, for the trainning of kajira/kajirus, ...You may Enter with Honor & Respect , or expect to leave in Dis-Honor...

Nestled in Port Kar away from the Docks..A place where Goreans can meet and relax...

The tavern has two fire places one Behind the Owners sitting area, and one on the southern wall near the exit to the gardens , where further out huts..are Maintained for, Friends and Travelers pleasures or , rest briefly.... Around back is a stable housing the Tarn breeding stock, as well as Master `F`Lar's personal War Tarn...

down many of the pathes are bathing facilities..{natural mineral spring pools(3)}...For a weary traveler to partake freely....

All are welcome... For stock is vast and plentiful...

The Garden and foods
The garden is lush and green...lit by torches placed strategically to cast a soft romantic glow over everything. As you enter, a soft breeze brings the fragrance of sweet smelling blossoms to envelope you. Stone paths meander throughout the garden where soft plush furs are spread, about lowtables for guests to sit around. Large bowls of talender, flaminium, and desert veminium surrounded by candles grace each table.

A small table adorned with woven garlands of talender and flaminium stands near a large tree just off the stone patio. On the table is a large candle and two small candles. A goblet of the finest gold with the Pride emblem upon it and a bota of red kalana.

On the other side of the patio close to the alcove which servs as a kitchen... are several large tables setup with a great variety of foods for the guest to help themselves too.

On the first table you will find large portions of sliced Bosk, Tarsk,Tabuk, and Winged Fish. Next to that is a large heated tray of Vulo and beside that is a serving platter filled with deviled Vulo eggs...

On the next table you'll find large bowls bearing an 3 and S them Tospit, Redfruit, Larma fruit, Ramberries and Dates. The third table holds large tefas of Black Bread and Sa-Tarna... Further down the table you'll find Sul, Kort, and two large bowls of sugar... one red..the other yellow..., Red Olives, Rence, Cheese, and Butter...

And finally ,you see many large kasks of Ka-la-na, Kal-da, Blackwyne, Paga, Sul Paga, Mulled Ka-la-na, Ta Wine, and Meade... Draws from the depths of the ground where they are cooled..


Currently new ....or Whats new..

  • If you are having connection probs to either the #3Stones on Dalnet , or #Crimson-Rings_Inn on austnet ..both can also be located , we all would like to welcome visitors..
  • 01/02/00 The Tavern & Inn will always be open just can not say we will be there feel free to visit or use it as you wish ..
  • The Tavern has been moved to the outskirts of the City Port Kar , and may now be found in Yahoo Gor ..
  • In the Tavern in Yahoo a Master's first girl duties are filled by ( _wilde_orchid)
  • I am always looking for new girls to serv the tavern,the tavern is served by many fine slaves , and Training continues though I am in IRC mostly
  • A sister Inn has been opened on Austnet called #Crimson-Rings_Inn... it will have it s own home page as will the Yahoo Stones Tavern , but there is a Yahoo club for all Crimson Rings Inn,or The Three Stones Tavern.. all are welcome to join or just check them out

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