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(Otherside of Truth Archive... Untamed Expressions)

A personal view and explanation of Ether and understanding Creation!




CREATION or the sending out of vibrations in a frequency.

I can already surmise that a majority of people will dismiss this one way or the other whether it be through their belief in the religions they adhere their understanding to, or because it goes against everything they have ever been taught, or heard whether they believe in religion or not.

This is not easy for me to explain, then I can say it is not easy for me to explain any of that which I feel I have been given to understand.

Remove all the preconceived ideas you have in your mind of that which you feel is truth. Open your mind in the sense that it is not closed off to limited thinking and box thinking, not in the sense of brain washing etc., it is because it is hard to let something in when you are rigid in your beliefs about any one thing.
The Creator or God or the giver of light, whichever you prefer to reference 'it' as, has created many higher beings that have been given domain over many modes or expressions of creation.
You what I hear you say, what the heck does this mean!
Life on this planet in the human form goes back a lot further or longer than you realise or have been lead to believe and many of the beings from way back, not only on this planet but all the planets in the Universe and all those that are in higher frequencies are evolved to an understanding you here at present cannot understand. Some of these beings as in the Christ which is a title given to the one closest to the Light/ God of ALL creation.
There are many higher beings that have been given the right, in their own right, to create things, even worlds.
You can familiarise yourself with the structure of the kingdom of Light by looking at the way this world is run, it is not the same with the same intent and hierarchy of class and dominance though so remove that aspect of the way which humans here run it. You have that which is the sole creator or in this world the so called hidden hand which overrides the global governments which override the Sovereign governments which override the councils on all levels (speaking from a United Kingdom point of view), and the same structure is run throughout business and all organisations raised by man. The hidden hand likes to see this structure as the archetypal pyramid where the few with greatest dominance is at the top and the majority treated as slaves at the bottom, although it is not this way in the structure of Light, it is a low evolved man that has built class and dominance over others into this physical world which is destined to become like that in Heaven, a word given to mean the non physical worlds of spirit. This physical world is a reflection of the kingdom of Light and that is the way things are organised.
Some of the beings under the great architect mother/ father Light have been given domain over the physical, they have been the ones responsible for many (I am not sure myself whether it is all physical worlds or just some!) of the worlds created in the physical universe. There are many special worlds created, this being one of them.
This world is a world expressed by those beings under the overall Light, this world contains the expressions of many beings which is why there is such a huge diverse array of species and creations. This world is pretty fantastic and as we the man in human form on this world evolve this earth to its conclusion, a long, long way off as we understand time. We all help this world evolve, our purpose on a greater scale, to become her maximum expression until she becomes a sun or bright light in her own right. We have several species of human form because each species has been created by a different mind if you like.
When I say different mind, I mean an individual expression of the being that has sent forth the vibration or set of frequencies that make us as we are, these are all under the ONE LIGHT and must not be seen as separate or different out of context, two artists do not create the same works of art but are expressing the beauty of one mind.
However many beings there under the ONE UNIVERSAL LIGHT, they express themselves differently but are still one in Light.
This is why religion has become very removed from it's true intention which was to inform mankind of it's origins and purpose, but unfortunately dark took it as a tool to rule over the small minds of man, and has had the stronghold ever since.
Religion was meant as a means to inform and help those that are a little lost who wish to seek help on the right path, it has become a dictatorship of half truths and altered roots which is very sad for man and has led to the current modern times being almost completely devoid of any truth and materialism in its ultimate depth.
There are several, many religions on this planet, all came from the one truth departed to various prophets and revelatory messengers of their times way back, the last one was when the Christ incarnated into a human form to help man directly and to experience life in the physical world for him/herself, hence the saying goes that he died for our sins, he/ she did not die for our sins for our sins never cease, the Christ came here directly to help and show mankind what it is capable of and to show that which is false and how to help ourselves be like God that which we are. He/ she came to understand why it is so difficult here in the physical world of forms and take that back to the one Light. This saved us from dissolution not from sins as such, this is why the Light is forgiving toward us and has much love because the Light knows it is no easy party being down here, so you could say it was to forgive our sins in the sense that most little sins could be understood why they are committed. Now you commit greater sins that can bee given any lesser logic too. Miss interpretations of fact and meanings have led to much swaying of truths and understandings in the churches of religion, but it has also done a good job on one hand of helping to keep some people in decency, whether it be out of fear of self interest.
Each religion is based on the knowledge that was departed to people known as seers or apostles or Buddha's etc. They were given the job of informing the people of the truths of their existence and those receiving the knowledge were familiar with their specific creator. This is why today each religion has a different God that they believe to be the real God. This is where things went a little awry and people and religions separated themselves as different or being the one that has the real God at their disposal.
All religions should realise that their overseer is the being that overlooks them but is not the Great Light itself, they are under the the Great light but are one with it. Religious leaders need to know this, and if they are under God like they believe then they SHOULD know this, so what gives them the right to dictate their version of God to anyone. And all people need to know that you have direct contact with God, you do not need to go to another man who tells you, you need to speak to him to get through to God, NO, you have contact through yourself.
Each of these beings under Light are of various hues or vibrations of light and are sometimes known as rays, some people can establish a direct communication at the will of the individual ray and learn its name.
This is why religion became corrupted and made its followers believe that they have the true God which has led to all manner of wars, strife and GOD knows what all in the name of God that is corrupted.
Each of those beings that have given you expression under the ONE LIGHT have been trying very hard to get through to you all and let you know that killing under its name is wrong, fighting others who believe differently to you is very wrong and keeps you on the left path that does not lead to the Light.
Please people see the sense and know that the TRUE God is Light and is one. Light is one that has given expressions in many ways and just because God gave several beings the right to create you does not make your particular God a separate entity that want you to war among each other over nothing more that sovereignty and ours is right and yours is wrong.
Light can 'decide' to dissolve the whole thing if it spirals out of all control and into the complete rule of the dark ones. That is the last resolve as man is given a greater chance to bring the world forward than you can understand.
Please all the people of the world ruled by organisations of one or another, you are all one under the one great Universal Light whether you recognise your overseer under that or not, stop being so mixed up and pompous.
You are ALL, one living expression under the ONE LIGHT and this is the truth!
This addition written 2008

This next little essay is my previous attempt to explain how the creation is put forth, I can improve it, but decided to leave it as is, written 2001.

Ether in short is the connecting energy of spirit that unites the physical and non physical worlds. Ether is energy...well so is everything. Everything that is, is an etheric vibration of energy. Scientists know that an atom comprises 99.999% space, this space is not just empty space, it is ether, the life giving force to all, it resonates on a myriad of frequencies and allows many densities to exist in the same space without each interfering with each other (ether contains more substance than any amount of matter, it is like squeezing 1000 tons into a pea, we are the pea, so there is far more that you cannot see, detect and understand than you can).
The ether within every atom is the life force of all that is in existence in all its differing forms, I feel the atom comprises of smaller Universes, or that is how it appears to our senses. Ether is the universal pulse emitted forth for the love and expression of creation. The ether is the primary frequency (there are frequencies within frequencies) that sets in place the energy from light and mind (mind of thought from the Universal mind not the thoughts that emanate from body brain) the will of creation and allows all existence to be in the same space at the same time, but on different vibrations or wavelengths, so the two so to speak will share the same room but be none the wiser that each other exists, lower occupants are not aware of higher existences but higher lives are aware of all and certainly that below it... Scientists see that light behaves like a wave and also a particle, this is because light moves at what is known as light speed between the physical universe and the spirit universe, like looking at a low frequency light bulb, the light it emits appears to strobe as you see it being emitted in a certain frequency that your eyes are capable of detecting. Star light pulsates between the physical and non physical, it's true source and as it does that it gives the impression that it is a wave and a particle, it is.
Some people are on a higher wavelength and draw higher mind inspiration and even to the point where they are able to perceive other forms of existence where no one else can, that accounts for the mediums (genuine ones) and like. It depends on what evolutionary wavelength you have evolved, so to speak, your soul to and the higher you rise the deeper your understanding will become as you tune in to higher frequencies of mind levels.
(What is meant by this, is, you sometimes hear people say, we are on the same wavelength, well there is a meaning behind that saying. Mind and thought come to us from the ether, the higher your level of understanding, the higher, or faster, your own personal energy and atoms spin, so you will receive higher frequencies of information from the universal consciousness as it were. The frequencies contain greater information and understanding the higher they are. Someone may be on a lower or slower rate, so they may primarily only ever think about sex, that is the wave they are tuned into, where others will show a main interest in, say, philosophy and their activities will be more of a balance. So the wavelength sentence has real substance).
The ether in the atoms is the true blue-print of the atom, and tells it where to be relative to the plane of existence it will resonate in and relative to the form it is to create and maintain, and how much energy to draw in and how much to sustain itself and the cell it is to become a-part of in the physical plane. The ether will create the atom as has been directed by the thought and will of the creator, the ether in the atom will tell the atom where and how it will form the cell and where it will be situated within anything in existence, the individual atom has the blueprint of it's form entirety but does not form lots of you, but unites with many to become the one you as it directs energy and follows the attribute command from genes.
So the atoms that your body comprise of have all been directed to go to their specific place and to perform a specific job and function by the ether, the creative force of all energy that is the mind of the creator and all of its levels of mind that each and all of creation draws inspiration and choice.
You do not have free will as such, (although some may say that choice is the free will) at this point in being, if you did then you would be able to move everything with your mind alone, and be at any point in the universe just by will of thought, but you can eventually have the total free will if you learned how to use it.
Truth is you only have freedom of choice until you gain total free will, the choice to do whatever you feel is right (or not depending on selfishness and understanding of each other) at any interaction you make in the whole of your life's cycle.
Anyway ether....the ether will tell the atom to become part of, say, your big toe ,or a strand of hair, nothing is accidental or as random as you may believe. The atom obeys the ether as that is its job, it is wholly compliant and could not deviate like a renegade teenager, as it knows only that which it has been directed to do.
Scientists have come such a long way and know so much, but they will never be 100% accurate in a godly statement until they discover the ether and what it really is. Or rather invent a tool that would be able to detect the ether and all the different energies within it (which would be difficult as ether is all energy in all planes, so they would need to combine all the technologies to do so).
(which would be even more difficult as greedy copyright for profit still renders them separate to their own faults).
Only then would the missing equation/s give a full picture of the light of truth, or theory as all explanations are anyway, whether from certificated scientists or not!
The ether in it's refined form has already been found, as in waves, particles etc, or the truth of discoveries are hidden and they choose not to tell us about it, then the sentence in the brackets explains and says it all, plus add a very big control to that. And that also depends on whether they are funded and who by!!

Otherside of Truth™ 2001

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