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Untamed Expressions - Otherside of truth



Update January 2012

OK, since I wrote this a couple of years past, I have learned to understand that what I understood was slightly flawed. Although it is correct in that energy does flow through you per request of thought, and that you send out energy also with your thoughts. My correction is that energy is neutral, energy does not contain pre assigned senses or emotions such as love and jealousy etc. Energy is neutral until it comes through you, you then send it out with your emotion, in a way it is a mix of both, energy is inert until you ascribe to it a sense or emotion, that is your transmission if you like, ready for those of like mind to intercept and receive. So energies do contain all the emotions that you send it with. So the resonance around us is very noisy as it waves out from each of us to be intercepted.
What I wrote below is correct other than energy being neutral until it is passed through entity.
Your soul is already complete with love, love is not something you receive as if it were not a part of you, it just depends on whether you live by it and transmit it per the will of our Father in Heaven.
The perfect, pure resonance of man is love, it is the wave of peace and when you disturb that peaceful wave with hateful feelings you are disturbing the wave vibration in your own being and is the cause of all your griefs. It is meant to be so that souls can learn the creation through itself.
So read on baring this in mind.

All people are a collection of energies. Like a snowflake no two people are the same, although very similar are still a varying collection of energies. Like the wave pattern of thought two people can be very alike and are attracted to each other through likeness because like attracts like. You send out the thought that attracts energy to you and you invite these energies to flow into your being, you then express yourself with these energies that you invited in with your thoughts. You have many, many energies flowing in you at any one moment although only one or two may be obvious to you at any one moment. Energy is like a wind, it is everywhere, all around you, everything you see, hear, touch, taste, sense is energy being expressed in the solid world of forms. Energy is always freely moving and seems like a wind in a sea of energy. Energy radiates out toward everything like light, all energy is present everywhere and waits for an invitation from the mind of a soul/ being. Your thought is the invitation, hence why man is not capable of all it should be because modern man's mind is very impure. I stated elsewhere that man does not have free will at the moment but only freedom of choice, this is partially true, man does have free will, but only to choose, to make decisions, the true ability of man is not realised because free will of man is not pure enough to manifest it in it's entirety, e.g. matter and energy control and conscious communication with awareness of the universal mind.
If you always ponder to yourself 'why do these things keep happening to me?' it is important to realise that you attract events to you because your energies are of such that it attracts these events. If your life is a muddled mess or in other words chaotic and not organised, then it is because you have no aim, no goal and not much motivation or ambition to direct your life toward, so it goes with the flow and becomes what appears chaotic. If you as a female attract men with no respect and gentleness and maybe even abusive, it is because you yourself harbours harmful energies and without even understanding yourself that which you are composed, you attract this in the opposite gender. It is difficult in this age to find people that are clean so to speak and don't harbour destructive energies.
If at this point you think to yourself, but I am a good person and wish to meet a good man that is honourable, understanding and gentle and wonder why you find it hard to meet or attract one, then know this. Do you harbour energy that you saved in you from a previous relationship that was not as it should have been for harmony, obviously not because if you had you would be with that person for life and not need to flit from one partner to another through your life.
Know that in yourself you may think, even without realising such that you may send out the energy of, I hate men, they are unthinking and careless etc., then you are attracting that back to you, you will meet men that are harbouring hate, unthinkingness and selfishness. You need to know it is yourself that sends out the invitation of like attracting like!
I just wish with all my being that all people could just realise this one simple truth then harmony could be restored among people when seeking a love for their life.

Here I will attempt to explain how energy transits through man (man as in humanity and not just men).
All emotions are energy in motion. There are many energies, those which we are familiar with and which are obvious, and those we are not and are much finer for the average to distinguish. The main energies are sexual, the one that is used the most on this planet at this age. Anger, Fear, Love, communication, Understanding or knowing and intelligence.
There are many fragments of minor energies e.g. trust, jealousy, greed, dominance, possessiveness. Some of these are dark energies which are not bad, it depends how you choose to manifest it into yourself, if you bring say, jealousy into you in it's purest form, without light, it will cause complete destruction of your relationship and may even coax you into bringing in anger and hatred which is dangerous for your lives. Even I would find at this point impossible to name and explain all the energies which all play a part in how you manifest behaviour to make up your unique personality and character. It is the accumulation of your soul embodied and manifest as you the person in this physical world.
It is very much like chemistry, well it is chemistry, or as the true practice is known as alchemy which again certain people wish to mix with physics and transmute or materialize, manifest metals or materials into others.
If you place all your energies into the lower main (I say main as in one of the main, there are seven main energy points also known to many as chakra points) energy you tend to be very sexual in nature. If this energy is infused with dark energy known as hate you will inevitably manifest yourself in rape etc., if you also incorporate fear and jealousy you end up completely of a perverted manifestation which will be a danger to those around you. A high percentage of people today manifest in this set of energies.

At this point it is important to understand that man has the gift of transmuting energies and also generating energy. Mankind is the only entity that can actually create and generate its own energy. Most living entities exist in a sea of energy and exchange energies where we also create and generate energy with our every thought. An example of this is when you are sitting alone and thinking. Think of wonderful memories or loving thoughts toward another and you feel warm and joyous and send it out, that is you generating energy and how charismatic healing works.

These energies are felt in certain parts of the body e.g. fear can be felt in the stomach and can have effects like butterflies or sickness etc. fear in itself although a negative energy can help and even save you, it helps you to make a decision at a point of need like in a dangerous situation, what is important to you is how you manifest it. If you manifest fear without love and intelligence, you can be at the mercy of the one giving you it's fear and be completely at it's command. With love and intelligence you will overcome it and not let it overwhelm you.
Again anger is not a bad and negative emotion, it is a feeling you have toward something that is not right and is a prompt for you to change something, again it depends on what minor energies you decide to manifest it with and as. If you do not keep your anger in check and decide to manifest it with fear and hatred you will be a very nasty destructive force that solves nothing but creates more chaos until you realise and learn it is an arduous dead end journey. With love and intelligence you will sort the issue out quickly, extinguish it and move on.
When love is manifest in all you do, think, express etc., you find that you unite yourself with peace and joy. Love is the most important energy that exists for man, it is the energy that keeps the balance in man and it is a telling fact that in this age man has pretty much relinquished it to fear. You have successfully lowered the most important energy to fear and sex instead of raising it to fuse through communication and unite with intelligence. But we are now in the age that it will turn around, man will slowly awake to the truths and raise love the way it was intended.

All this was known to all man a long while ago, it has been almost entirely lost due to selfish secret keepers and manipulation organisations. Most people behave erratically because they don't any longer understand the energies that govern all life. Some people that are parts of a many splintered so called secret society do know this, have retained the knowledge for themselves and use it to direct (mostly always negative and destructive) energy to events and even individual people that they fear.

This is important and must be known to everyone who seeks to cleans themselves of accumulated negative energy. Most negative events in your life are due to your thinking although not all events, some events are fused into your life by others of course this is how life works. If you are an angry, depressed person you can be absolutely certain that it is an accumulation of past events that you have not extinguished or dissipated the energy effects from. If someone caused you harm however severe or mild is dependent on your own interpretation and feeling of the event, say 25 years ago, and here you are today still harbouring those feelings and manifesting them in your life today, they are preventing you from moving on, from manifesting happiness which is a manifestation of love and joy. Why would you want to feel something today which happened 25 years ago, that is very sad that you wish to feel it all these years later. You need to remember as much of as possible of the event and remember how it made you feel no matter how hard, painful and raw it is. You need to let the pain associated with it dissipate, extinguish it, set any guilt associated with it free. If you feel you can't remove the feeling associated with the event, you can, tell yourself and know it that it was a long time ago, you were a different person then and the event has finished, you no longer need to feel the pain of something long passed. Keep doing it over and over if you need to, until you feel at peace with the event. You then have cleansed it and can move on. In truth this is a form of mind over matter because mind is more powerful than matter.
Do this with all negatively felt events and you will feel peace return in balance to your being.
If you have caused harm to someone else and cannot relinquish the guilt, do the same process and if you have the chance or opportunity to meet the person, or write them if need be, and apologise with great sincerity for what you made them feel, even if they are at first uninterested, it will heal you of the guilt, and the energy that perpetuates this guilt will dissipate and you will be able to forgive yourself because you know in your heart you were a different person then and are truly sorry for what you done. Lay it to rest and move on, it may help to visualise it dissolving in a ray of light. It will work, you just need to actually do it. You then free yourself of all the negative energy that keeps you from expressing the energy of love.

Don't just read this and shelve it, do experiments with thoughts and energies, understand how they make you feel and see for yourself. Be careful with negative energies because they are insistent and seek to possess and can lead you to harm.

Stop thinking that men are bastards, some may be, but they will attract to the women of like and let them learn the hard way among each other until they come to their senses, Same for men of course.
Think of wonderful events happening in your life, maybe you just want peace so think about it and act in a way that makes it be.
Thought is what creates.
Just remember what energy is, if you are angry, remember to fuse it with love and intelligence and it will be alright.
Don't let the temptation of destructive energies flow through you and stay in you, it is all so tempting when someone derides you in front of others to respond to them in the exact same way, that energy they are throwing at you wants you to respond in kind and give it back, that is how dark energy feeds itself by sending out and getting back just a little more than it sent. This energy grows and before you know it is everywhere manifesting itself in everyone willing to let it in and use it to propagate itself so that it expands. Of course light works this way also, sending energy back and forth.
If you have convinced yourself, with the help of others that you are worthless, it will sit in you and every dark energy will be given an invitation to send it back to them more intense so you end up feeling worthless every moment of your life until you work out that it is you feeding this negative little blighter through your own thinking. Shock it and convince yourself you are utterly wonderful and it will dissipate and you no longer need to perpetuate the feeling of worthlessness with the negative hungry energy. It will fight to hang onto you at first, but perseverance and LOVE will overcome it.
If more people were to use the energy of love, the primary energy you were made to naturally incorporate, it would spread and grow and be like it is meant to be at it's highest expression. Then life on this beautiful Eden would be a paradise it was intended to be for man and NOT ONE would be without peace and joy.

It would be appropriate to now read THE WAY

Crystali - 2009