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The rules for the WWBSL are here.  Please follow them.

1) The WWBSL is a player simulation league. It has nothing to do with the NBA, you create a player and they can be All-Stars, maybe even Hall of Famers. They must work together with their owners and update themselves by writing articles, interviews, trash talks, and pickems.

2) WWBSL is designed to allow for all of us to be able to enjoy our recreation

The "Rules" and the "League" will be set up as follows:
6 teams total. 3 Eastern and 3 Western Division teams.

Each player in the League will be assigned 800 "Total Upgrade Points" to start the season. These points can be placed on your player as you see fit.  You may create up to 2 players.

Once the 6 teams "Rosters" are set, and the assigned upgrade points are placed, then upgrading from that point on will be as follows:

There are 6 possible ways of upgrading a player. (give or take)
PICKEMS for games: 4 points possible if you get all 3 picks right. 3 plus 1 bonus. (any PBP's or Halftime trivia, etc. COULD earn additional points)

GUESS the STAT LEADERS for the games: The five STAT categories will be: POINTS, REBOUNDS, ASSISTS, STEALS & BLOCKS. (2 points for each correct LEADER guess, 1 point if your guess was SECOND in the category for the games, and a 2 point bonus if you correctly picked all 5 LEADERS.

Trash Talk A player can do 1 trash talk per week for 1-3 points.

Articles: A player can do 1 article per week on the message board for 1-7 points.

Player Interviews: A player can do 1 interview per week on the message board for 1-6 points.

Commish Special: The commish will have a special every once in awhile for a certain amount of points.

For the NBL we will be using a different "Message Board" designed specifically for this League.  Please register at our message board when you create your player(s).

We will need a few people to help with some job's (for a few points), but overall the League won't be "High Maintenance", nor will it take much time on the part of the players.

The WWBSL will be like the WBBSL, so if you were in that league, then you should know all the rules already.  As for those people who aren't, the rules won't take long for you to learn.

Contracts- You must sign 1st round draft picks to a salary of 7 mil or more. The salary cap this year is 35 mil. Also, you cannot sign your own player after Season 1 ends. When Season 2 starts you may not sign your player.

Franchise Tagging- During a players free agent year, the FA's team may franchise tag the player, therefore guaranteeing them to have that player on their roster for another year. The players salary will be his previous years salary plus $5 mil, unless this addition will take them over the $10 mil maximum contract value. Another team may sign a player if he is tagged, if they agree to give up their next two first round draft picks to the team that loses the player. A 1st rounder from the current season and one from the following. A player may not be tagged in consecutive years.