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About Me

I was born November 22nd, 1985 to my Mom and Dad. I was their first born, and 19 monthes later, my parents had my sister, Sarah. She will always be my best friend, no matter what. We lived around the Bethlehem area until settling in Bear, Delaware. There I was blessed with yet another amazing sister, Jennifer.

We moved yet again to a suburb in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania when my Dad got a job with a company that was once called Amp. It was there that I was blessed for the third time with my youngest sibling, Alex, my only brother. I lived most of my childhood there, attending two elementary schools in economic dispair and a junior high where I learned quickly that a small, white girl should stay humble and quiet.

I moved to a rural area around Hershey, Pennsylvania for my high school years and I really enjoy it here. High school in this area is a lot different than a rougher school, and it always seems to irk me with the trivial arguments that occur about the most trivial things such as lunch chairs and gossip. A small high school boosted my confidence and let me explore more in my hobbies in writing.

Many say a senior year is supposed to be the most enjoyable of education, but I felt the exact opposite. It was this year that I was diagnosed with clinical depression and suffered many traumatic events such as the most frightening 72 hours of my life, when my sister tried to kill herself. I can never tell her how responsible I still feel and how much I could just wish I could turn back time and show her I loved she would know how much I would miss her if she ever left me.

My life now may be tough, but it will settle, just like everything always does. So I invite you to relax, read a couple entries and comment if you feel inclined. This is my gift to all who wish to read, and hopefully this outlet gives me the peace of mind I so desperately want. But I ask of all avid readers, to throw out any judgements you have before you read. It is important to me that I write with no fear of readers commently negatively. I have faith that everything will be fine, however. Remember, I am trusting you all with my thoughts that I hold dear to me. Enjoy the journal all!

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