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Poetry From Prison - Women In Waiting - Female Prison PenPals
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This is a collection of poetry written by women in prison. Their lives,
feelings, and frustrations are evident in these creative pieces of writing.

Submissions can be mailed by snail mail or email.
Click HERE for contact information.


As I sit here all alone,
I wonder how things are at home!
Do they miss me?
Are things the same?
Will anything take away this pain?
There's so much I've left undone;
and, so many trials yet to come.
From my mistakes, I must learn;
so I can rebuild the bridges I've burned.

By: L.H. (01-02-04) Texas


It's delicate webbing to catch my fears
It is a Spider's lair of forgotten despairs
Feathers full of dust collected over the years...or?
I imagine the evils that would escape if able.

Fragments of half-remembered dreams
Glint off filaments of twined string.
No monsters, screams, creepy-crawley things to awaken my slumber
I have faith when my head hits the pillow all is asunder.

The only fears that are truly justified
Are the nightmares that await me when I open my eyes.

By: M.C.


I remember how it felt
to have his heart beating
next to mine,
in rhythm with mine.
When we were intwined
and in love
and in lust
and we could trust.
We had no plans
for the future because each
moment we lived
belonged to us and
we were where we
chose to be.
We were free!
I miss him.

By: L.H. (11-03) Texas


Is it a lesson
of love
or hate
which motivates
me to participate
in this wicked game
that you
While I am at your mercy?

By: L.H. (12-03) Texas


It's your kiss I can't resist.
I still taste you on my lips!
It's your touch that I desire.
You've set my soul on fire!
It's your voice I long to hear;
because, it's your words that I hold dear!
Your love would be a dream come true -
All I want is you!

By: L.H. (12-03) Texas


Sharing and caring
living in love;
Making memories
as dreams come true.

A heart burning
with unmet desire.
A deep yearning
that sets the soul afire.

Watch and learn;
when one is spurned
history repeats!
Give chase to catch;
hide to find.

By: L.H. (01/04/04) Texas


There's a bird caught
in the airduct
that blows his dying song
through the vent
scared and beautiful
resounding memories
of the birds
of childhood
awaking the trees
with the morning sun
alone and desperate
the sound of mourning
one's own demise
is revealed in the song
of a dying bird
melodious and eternal

By: L.H. (03/03/04) Texas


All alone with nowhere to turn, all
my dream spans, I burned for a pipe
full of greed. It was all I cared
for, my only need. The things I did,
the things I'd say, "I'm only going
to smoke for one more day".

There was a price I had to pay,
way too much, I dare to say. All I
loved is not so far away - I just
wanted to smoke for one more day.

I think of it now, it seems just
a dream. I've lost you forever it does
seem. The one who loved me for just
being me. I lost it all, can't you
see this pain? I'll never be free.

The pain inside is way too deep from
promises I broke, the ones I promised
I'd keep. I lost it all for smoking a
pipe, oh the pain is very ripe.

So my friend, I share from within.
If it's not too late, change fast and
run for the gate.

Are you ready to say goodbye to
all who loved you without a sigh?
You think it won't happen? Just wait and see.
You'll be alone with nothing, just
like me. Jesus is your only hope to
free yourself from the dope!

As for me, it's said and done.
All I wanted was some fun. I've
said goodbye to those I love. I pray
to Jesus up above to bring my son
back to me, he's the one I want
to see for one more day.

By: C.R.


The time that I've been here has really
changed me, even though ot one can tell.
I've matured and look at things different
now, since I've been here in my cell.
I owe it all to these four walls, these four
walls have made that change.

One thing that will never change is the love I
have for you way deep in my heart.
Even though my family wishes us 4/ever apart.
They can never take the love I have for you
'Cause being with you is something I want
"4/ever and a day".

All they did was push themselves away from
a daughter's love.
Maybe one day they will see things differently;
but, till then I will be praying to the one
up above.
But, at the end, it is always going to be you
and I.
For the love we have is Special, I can feel it
deep down inside.

For you I will always wait.
I wouldn't have it any other way.
We just have to build up our faith
to get through these hard days.

See you soon, when the time is right
I can't wait for that day to hold you tight.
Till then I'll be thinking of you and keeping you
close to my heart. I love you. Don't let anyone
ever take us apart.

By: V.G.


As I sit here and think about you,
I think about all the terrible things I
put you through.
I was trapped in using drugs and
thinking about myself;
when it should've been you and me and
nobody else.

I miss us snuggling up together.
You are my baby and I need you by
my side 4/ever.
Learning how to be a good mother is
something I'm going to do.
'Cause I want to comfort and listen to
all the things you go through.

I'm so sorry for all the pain that I have
caused you.
When I get out, getting my life together is
soemthing I will do.
Thinking of you gives me strength to
go another day.
I promise, baby, I'll be come home; home
to stay.

I'm hoping you can forgive me and give me
the chance to make things right.
'Cause you're always going to be my baby
boy and I plan to hold you tight.
I give thanks to our Heavenly Father
for giving me that second chance to be a
loving mother.

By: V.G.

Poem for "Mom"

Mom, the time that I've been here has
really opened up my eyes.
I miss you, Mom. I promise, when I
come out, there'll be no more lies.

You always try and understand how I
feel; that's why I love you so very much.
I need you by my side. I wish I could
feel your sweet tender touch.

My heart cries out for you. I wish I
could see your face.
I know you'll stand by me and help
me not to catch another case.

Having you as my Mother is the best thing
that's ever happened.
'Cause you're always with open arms and
filling up my evry need.
I love you and being without you, I
could never be.

You are my Dearest Mother and I hold
you close to my heart
and from there you can never part.

Me by your side is how I want to be.
So everyone can see how much you mean to me.
So, wait for me Mom, I'll soon be free
and I'll be able to show you how much
you really mean to me.

Till I get to hold you again, in my
prayers you'll stay.
I promise there'll by nothing or nobody
to get in my way.
'Cause spending time with you is
something I want forever and a day.

By: V.G.


As I sit here thinking about our past
Me and you cared for nothing, only our
next blast.
We didn't care who we would hurt along
the way.
As long as it would get us high through
out the day.

Now, that we're both throwing time,
We can think about how we want to
spend the rest of our lives.
We both have to make an effort to make
things right
and I think the Best way to do it is through
(Jesus Christ).

Through him I know we can have all
the things we want in life.
He will guide us through and help us
put up a fight.
'Cause fighting is going to be something we
have to do to live our lives right.

I know me and you can make it even if
we think we can never.
We just have to be both Willing to live our
lives with Jesus forever.

We can both do it I know we can.
Jesus will walk us through this holding
our hands!

By: V.G.


All my dreams came true
The day I fell in love with you.
I may not have seen it.
I may not have known.
But, with you is where
I'll make my home.
I know we've had our ups and downs.
That's why I thank God
you're still around.
You and me are meant to be
Together we'll fulfill our destiny.

by: L.H. - Texas - 1/14/2004


I miss the kiss from your sweet lips.
The way you touched my hand.
It seems as though I'm all alone
and only you could understand.
It's all about you my dream come true.
With you in my life, everthing is alright.

by: L.H. - Texas (1/19/2004)


The silent frozen landscape lies
just beyond these prison bars -
remote, dead, immutable, unholy
under a hal-ved moon.
And I, bound and gagged
in bands of white cotton.
Scarce breathing, without sleep
as the guard stalks the corridors.
Soundless, his keys muggled mercifully,
as many breathe in sleep all around.
I live by a sea of lost souls a dormitory of the damned.
Every day the same,
every night la meme,
marching lockstep through misery.
No choice but to follow the
routine with bordome and sameness,
while without is life
in all its withering.

By: M.L.


To be young and hoping
your future changes it's flow.
To dream that you're somebody
with your name in lights or, at
least with a small glow.
Lights out!
You struggle very young to do
your best.
To no avail, you're an outsider
just not like the rest.
Lights out!
A change of your style is something
to think about.
That's a sure way to make you
stand out.
Lights out!
Deep inside you feel funny like
an outsider looking in.
You try to save face by buying
you a friend.
Lights out!
now, you're popular, that person
you've dreamt about.
It's too late now, you're in
prison where hopes and dreams
are all that you have...ten
minutes to count ladies..
Lights out!

by: T.M.


Everyone needs someone to stand by their side
When times are good. When times are bad.
When they're happy. When they're sad.
Everyone needs a special someone to have their back.

In life, we all make mistakes, some big, some small.
Some keep going. Some slip and fall
It's so good to have someone there with a helping hand.
To help you get up and by your side they'll stand.

So, if that someone happens to be you.
Pick up a pen and some paper.
Get to know me through & through.

By: N.F.


Inside these walls
things look so gray.
But, the crimes I commited
is why I'm here today.

I keep my head up
and learn to cope.
Freedom will come again
and this gives me hope.

So many different people
with faults to accept.
Looking to God with a smile
is all I have left.

My life has been better
and I still have waters to wade.
I plan to make my life good;
Turn lemons to lemonaide.

Things will be hard
when I get out one day.
I'll stay out that way.

By: C.S.


One day, everything in life was fine.
There wasn't anything that wasn't mine.
Then, one day, it was gone, left alone asking why?
My life had drastically changed, it finally shattered
and I went into a shell. To me nothing mattered.
I gathered all my strength I had inside and made
myself realize I no longer could hide.
I finally pulled through and got back my mind.
I tossed away my troubles. I tossed away
my fears and learned. There is a future
ahead of all my tears.
Once again, I was happy for all my dreams
came true. Because my happiness was found
in someone like you.
The meaning of my story is never
give up the ship. You too can have a
new beginning and take a wonderful
trip. As you see I have, at least I'm loved.

By S.D.


It this world was mine. I would give
you anything with words untold.
You can have anyything if this
world was mine, my love.

Because love is the excitement
of planning things together.
Love is the source of the future.
Love is the fury of the storm;
the calm in the rainbow.
Love is the source of passion.
Love is giving, receiving in
a daily situation. Love is
the source of sharing.
Love is knowing that the
other person will be there
no matter what.
Love is the source of life.

By: P.A.


I know "why" the caged bird sings.
She knows of the hope tomorrow holds.
Though she is caged and cannot fly.
A song helps her to carry her heavy load.

I know "why" the caged bird sings.
She has joy despite the hole in her soul.
Her soul gets to soar on the wings of her song.
The music makes her feel whole.

I know "why" the caged bird sings.
Only joy comes from song.
And it lifts her heart up from the depths of her hell.
It helps her to keep her head up and be strong.

I know "why" the caged bird sings.
At times, a song is all she has to call her own.
It's her courage in adversity, her pride in oppression.
It's her friend when she's all alone.

I know "why" ... the caged bird sings

By: K.S.


Can you tell me where to go?
Will you show me who you are?
Give the answers I need to know
for the questions in my heart.

I open my eyes and see you there.
Then, I touch you and you disappear.
I hear your voice and smell your hair.
It fills me with an erotic fear.

If you're real then let me see.
Come to me again in the night.
Lay down and make love to me
and in the morning be at my side.

But, if you're merely a fantasy,
and your essence I'll never taste.
Then, I'll touch myself nefariously
and give you life today!!!!!!!

By: D.G.


Hear my cry, my screams, my agony,
Can you hear me calling,
Reaching out, the tears are slowly falling.
My fears are my weakness,
I long completeness.
Make me feel you,
Give it to me, I need it,
My heart hungers your live.
Don't be afraid to fed it.
It scares me to feel this way.
I acknowledge my ignorance,
My love of making love,
No one else shall I place up above.
We must embrace,
Your soul I want to taste.
The mere thought of you,
Your non-existance I cannot chance.
How could I possible forget the ROMANCE.
Never have I experienced such a touch,
I know, you know, I need you oh so much.
Avowal your love to me.
Let me guid you through the darkness.
After all the sunshine,
Sometime there will be rain,
Your love, your kiss, your gentleness.
When I can no longer endure the pain,
It's your eyes, your smile,
Is waht keeps me same.

By: T.C.


I never saw a goddess go.
But go she did.
Gracefully & mater o'factly,
Proudly, she poised herself.

Goodbye my darling,
She softly whispered,
As a slender shred of a tear
Slowly slides down her pale cheek.

Much like the wind,
She floated to the door,
Just for a moment, paused ...
and was gone.

Only the palest scent of her remains.
The loneliness now reaching for me.
With heavy heart
I sigh ...
Goodbye my goddess, goodbye.

By: R.R.


I live my days so lost in pain,
That when I awake it's like a hurting vain.
They tell me I'm crazy; but, I doubt I'm insane,
Just like a little hurt, I'm no longer a name.
My eyes are wide open; I feel like crying.
I can't believe I'm here. I feel like dying.
Friends are not here and people are still lying.
I pray every night that family is not dying.
I have so many faces to mask my fears.
But, in the back of my mind, I'm still counting years.
My relationship is gone; it was so many lies.
Now, I have fears no one will hear my cries.
Doors are locked; I'm trapped inside.
Even if I got out, it would still be a long ride.

By: W.C.


Things were great at first; but, I guess you you had that sh-t rehearsed.
You gave me all smiles and kisses; but, you were f---ing with other bitches.
You didn't want me to have any friends
because you were afraid they would be there in the end.
But, in the beginning, I told you that if you cheat,
They would find you in ditches.
The bills were paid. You were getting laid.
But, that didn't help because my bed was being delayed.
Meeting my parents; enven helping out; but, she
was the bitch that you were taking out.
You open my eyes to see better things.
Even though you never gave me a ring;
I gave you my heart from the jump start.
But, I was the fool that needed to go back to school.
I got a new ni--a. Now, look at you drool.

By: W.C.


Officers are watching our clothes come off.
Before you know it someone will say bend over and cought.
Words are limited, visitors can't stay,
I cry on every set to make it through the day.
Women loving women, the worlds coming to an end.
I never thought I would see such a great sin.
Passion marks and cases,
I love yous and goodbyes.
This is what you hear in a day of penitentiary lies.
No respect, no love, you can only pray to heaven above.
He will see your tears and take away all your fears.

By: W.C.


Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away,
And all the things I want to say can find no voice.
Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart.

By: E.N.


Love is a fire.
But, whether it is going
to warm your heart or
burn down your house,
you can never tell.

By: E.N.


Its a glowing inner feeling
Like a summer's sun that slowly rises.
A new horizon of love
More exciting than Jamaica
Or the rain that falls in Costa Rica,
Like a waterfall to the sea.

Overflowing with emotion.
Oh! So sensual.
You will lose all control.
Kiss me all over.
From my mountains to my valley low,
There's an oceanof love just for you.

By: T.R.


All I want is to love you for the rest of my life ....
To wake up every morning with you by my side, knowing that,
no matter what happens,
I'll be able to come home to your loving arms.

All I want is to share everything with you ....
To talk to you about our ideas, our dreams,
the little things everyday that make you laugh ....
and the not-so-little things that
we can't help worrying about.

All I want is to give you my love ...
As a place you can always come to
for acceptence or simply comfort that silence brings
when things unspoken can still be understood.

All I want is to grow old with you ....
Watch our life unfold, our dreams,
one by one, come true.
All I want is to love you forever.

By: C.V.


Though I may not show a face, I do have a face.
A face uniquely design, that describes beauty within it's frame,
a neck of gazelle, a spine of perfectness,
a physique that is modern built in it's design of healthiness,
caring and of Love.
My feet are of pathworthy to walk on.
I am of the naturalness of beauty without the hype of what the world cause beautiful.
I have no make-up, body parts all are God given
to the design of His perfectness.
Eyes of almond, that express who I am,
expression of my feelings and emotions.
Cheeks of highness,
a nose of softness in it's measurements.
Lips that are full; but, perfect.
A heart shape frame to hold all the beautiful parts in place.
I am who I am!

I am, who I am in attractiveness in my own skin of beauty
as an African American female, unique seperate; but, whole.
I am, who I am.

By: J.W.


I am awash in misery,
seeps through me like a wave,
for my soul is full of trouble
as my life draws near the grave.
I cling tightly to a hope
that defers and never saves,
O' how my body pushes onward
for the secret thing it craves!
My battered heart reminds me
of the tainted love it gave,
while my mind laughs to scorn
at this heart - its willing slave.
Why, O' Why, Lord I cry,
does such darkness fill my days?
Yet my spirit, O' vexed spirit
shouts: To God be all the praise!

By: S.K.


I sense butterflies
around me fluttering
effortlessly -
they begin to calm me,
they begin to soothe me.
I shut my eyes
to see them clearly
as I ponder their
humble beginnings as
the caterpillar.
I think on their
cocoon struggle, their
fight to emerge, their
refusal to die-
they are beautiful
so am I.

By: S.K.


Tempestuously tossed
pushed backwards:
the storms
or life threaten to overthrow
so all things would be lost.
Tornados attempt to suck me up,
spin me around,
tear me apart, throw me down;
wipe me out, bow me over -
yet I withstand it all,
I won't fall.
I won't bend, can't break,
what life sends, I'll take.
I will stand...
I stood...
I still stand!

By: S.K.


There is a persistent roar in my ears,
combined with the pound of my heart-
the only sounds in the room as
our eyes meet.....
These people pack and press around us
with mouths uttering nonsensical,
endless chatter, feet
shuffling aimlessly;
yet I can't hear them,
Can you?
The silence is defening.
I don't see them.
I see nothing more than a crescendo
of passion pass
from me to you in the
brief moment that
our eyes meet....
My mind shouts realities
above the roaring
and pounding.
Senses return with a
heavy sigh,
roll of my eyes
as the silence shatters.

By: S.K.


I remember the days
when I ran free.
The days when I
could still be me.
The days when I
ran wild in the sun.
When nothing mattered
but, having fun.
The days when a hug
and the touch of a kiss
were things I never
knew I'd miss.
Watching the nights
turn into the dawn.
Those carefree days;
they now are gone.
So, as I sit here
paying the cost,
I remember those days
and all I've lost.

By: J.D.


I wait all week just to see your face.
Then, Saturday comes and my heart begins to race.
Although I have to see you through metal and glass,
I know that these times will eventually pass.
So, try not to think of our time apart.
Just know that my love comes straight from the heart.
Cuz, I should have listened to what you had to say.
But, I chosenot to and that's why I'm here today.
I wonder when I'll see your beautiful smile
which makes the time easier, makes it worthwhile.
So, I'll wait for the day when we are together
to hold you in my arms now and forever.

By: M.S.


After a very long time of incarceration,
is only another walk into damnation.
They give us a number so we will do life,
regardless tothe crime, you know that's not right.

The system will eat us up one by one,
and they won't stopuntil the job is done.
There is not more innocense or guilt,
that's just the way the system was built.

We were all good citizens while living in society,
until the day we lost all our soberiety.
Such a high price to pay seemingly, for one mistake,
so, we spend the rest of our lives like fishes in the lake.

Our movements constricted called area of control,
suppressing our hearts to every living soul.
While waiting to exhale, but, still we cannot breathe,
like animals in a cage for all man to see.

This is the time, where we have to rely on blind faith,
because God is running things up at that pearly white gate.
Keep this in mind when your spirits run down,
as we look toward the skies for the trumpets to sound.

They will be judged as they have judged us,
this we believe in God we trust.
The Armageddon is near, for this is the end,
and into eternity we will ascend.

So, to all my sisters who's swam, this lake too,
it won't be long before God comes for his chosen few.
We repented our mistakes to our Lord and Savior,
the one's left behind will be for thier ungodly behavior.

By: S.J.


These 4 walls have held so many,
whose heard all stories from 60 - 20.
Some souls from a tormented life,
filled with so much pain like a dull knife.

It's heard these cries from each to another,
making sounds like lightning and thunder.
I continues to bounce from 1 wall to the next,
the atmosphere so strong, making us sick.

We can only imagine what these 4 walls have heard,
from anything like this, that, and the third.
Like a cry from a mother, for her infant's smile,
knowing herhome is far, and with too many miles.

These 4 walls look so dead with no life at all,
but, filled with so many lives, big and small.
The stories it's heard from 60 - 20,
is in all age groups, in multitudes this century.

If we took these 4 walls down brick by brick,
the tears and emotions would run so thick.
There could not be enough theripist to make it stop,
while they continue throwing in bodies filled to the top.

Please make these 4 walls come to life,
to speak the language and fight the fight.
Most are here because their lives spun out of control,
while trying to find a place to rest their weary souls.

So, the next water drop that falls,
will be from the rain, and that is all.
I pray the suffering will soon quit,
to all my sisters I write here, as I sit.

By: S.J.


Your love overwhelms me
It takes my breath away
I will cherish your affection and
the paradise I was granted today.

Your spirit is absolutely flawless
I dedicate my heart and say to you
I marvel at your visions
Since you resurrected me to the truth.

Your love delivers me up
To the sacred heavens above
The divine passion we feel is sensual.
As our souls soar as two doves.

To abstain from a path of destruction
You are blameless of my wiched ways
If you are my retribution
Then I am blessed from this desolate haze.

While I redeem my life back as mine
And sacrafice my freedom for salvation
Within these four walls
I have made a revelation...

I am a meer mortal graced by an angel
And I will vow my enduring love
To adorn you with kisses and hugs and
Always love you, just because.

By: D.S.


Inner Sanctuary
The internal harmony in my sourl
Where love for another is pure bliss
As my spirit begans to soar.

Before you, my love...
There were gray skies and rain
That would consume my scattered mind
With a haze over a desolate dominion.

Then you wandered in my life
Unassuming with a thunderous strike
Innocently making me yearn for love
Unknowing if I would be the one you would like.

Your eyes were sparkling sapphires
that brought light to my dark skies
Your smile was comforting like a rainbow
It was salvation to my eyes.

Your words seemed to comfort and embrace me,
Taking away all of my strife
Why was this person doing this to me
Did I deserve this love in my life?

By: D.S.


We met on a Thursday in November
Not looking for a love or trust
But it found us, do you remember?
You couldn't have forgot ~ remember you must...

This solitude is pure torture
To live without our passion
Being torn apart ~ will it endure?
As I am exiled behind these walls of oppression.

The man is on me to squeal
But I made a vow to stay true
And there is no appeal in my heart
So I will serve my time loving you...

This afflication rips at my flesh
Like wolves attaching their kill
Sacrificial blood flaws... warm and fresh
While this inner conflict battles my strong will.

Big Brother is pressuring me to talk
To tell him what really won't dawn
Just three clicks with some rubies to walk
But Toto is nowhere to be found.

The man is on me to squeal
But I made a vow to stay true
And there is no appeal in my heart
So I will serve my time loving you...

I will take all the blame from our critics
Inmy eyes, you can do not wrong
Everyday I ask for our repontance
Since others slander you ... carrying on.

As my hell continues like chapters
To a Stephen Kin horror novel
while the villian attempts to capture
My enduring love for you.

The man is on me to squeal
But I made a vow to stay true
And there is no appeal in my heart
So I will serve my time loving you...

By: D.S.


No matter how unwilling,
The blind see and the deaf hear.
Darkness in light
Is a shadow remembered.
Hidden deeds count for and against.
What's the intent?

By: L.H.(3/16/04) Texas


The rain stopped
Asquickly as it began
When the cards said
You love me
The world sparkled
Before dawn
Wet and inviting
Like your love
The sun rose
Revealing shadows
that danced
In the dewy darkness
Of ambiguity
The night crept in
Turning color gray
As the rainbow faded
All in a day

By: L.H. (3/16/04) Texas


I know where I go wrong, but never where I'm right
that leads me back, to the arguing, fussing, fights.
How do I get past these obstacles that know me down
leaving my heart in turmoil, leaving my face with a frown.
I talk to God andask him to lead me tothe right path
but, every other day, I'm leading myself, to straight
where I'm at. I know, in my heart, the love I'm
feeling is for you; but, at this moment, I'm
asking myself what to do.

This is one time in my life I know what I need.
So, why can't I bring you to my side, why you,
I can't keep. If you tell me what it is you
would like me to say or do, it would ease my
mind on whether my heart should move.

By: P.T.


I think about the good times
and how it felt to be free.
Things I took for granted
and things I imbedded in my memory
when I knew I'd be locked
up again soon.
Like walking down the street
in the morning sun
with my pockets full of dope and money
and I had nowhere to be.
Man, I felt free!
I could kiss the boys or the girls,
buy myself some smokes,
catch a cab, rent a room,
visit a friend,
make love all afternoon.
those days are over,
those times are through
because I remember the bad times, too!
But, most of all, I think about
the memories I missed
and the things I'd forgotten that
really mattered.
The hopes that were tattered.
The dreams I shattered.
The hearts I broke.
The selfishness, the lies.
All the things I comprimised!
You see, even though I felt so free
I was chained by a demon to an addiction
and all the time I held the key!
Once the jailer was me.
Now, it's TDC.
They keep me fed and put me to bed,
things I never did for me.
Because, life is a series of choices
and their consequences.
I've lived, I've learned
and now I'll be free to live life
as it was meant to be:
without drugs,
without parole,
With my family.

By: L.H. (3/21/04) Texas


A Bittersweet Rose that hands, by a thorn,
a double edge sword that pierces the soul,
being Mightier than the fire holding back sheer desire
by a sacred vow.

As my tear streaked face longs to hold you,
allowing our emotions to run wild,
being a true lioness on the prowl,
born to be wild!

BY: R.H.


Heroin at fourteen, still a child, yet full of dreams.
Remembering the tears my mother shed.
In fear, she'd hear, someday I'm dead!
Court ordered facilities is where I spent my teens
and where I lost hope for my childhood dreams.
A lack of discipline is what I see,
a spoiled child always wanting everything.
Oblivious to the road I'd take.
I continued forward to take, take, take!
The years keep passing and nothing has changed,
I'm still doing state time on the installment plan (the revolving door).
Release dates come and they go. Out for a minute, looking to score.
Before you know it, robbing for more.
It's actually no time before I'm back,
can't seem to shake the monkey on my back.
Running hard from feeling and pain,
waiting for the drug to hit my vein.
Hundred's of burglaries I'm sure I've done,
numb to all that the victums succumb.
I'm 38 and ashamed of not knowing what life really is about.
Institutionalized they say, true or not,
the one thing I do know is that I've missed my family every passing day.
My mom passed before she could see her daughter become sober and free.
I've missed the simplest things in life,
from feeling sand between my toes or able to reach out and touch the snow.
Sober and clean, it's been 5 years. Able to see and face all my fears.
Today is a new day and it's not too late
to show you that I apoligize in so many ways.
I was the one to blame. With all your love, support and understanding, what
would I've done without all my loved one's by my side?
You've always reached to grab my hand; but,
this time I was able to be proud and continue to take my own stand.
It isn't easy day by day missing out on life in every way.
I know that my face might not be in the crowd,
or around the dinner table, or even in the back yard.
I know I'm in your hearts. This will be the picture that we will cherish,
because distance and fences won't keep our love apart.
As of today, I don't let "HEROIN' take control of my life.
Today, I look at our pictures with loving thoughts and when you come visit
over 250 miles away, that question "are you using?" is no longer my lot.
I see things very clear now, not selfish like before,
that life is "Reaping what you sow!"
Trusting God to let you know the direction he wants you to go.
Now, I thank the Lord up above for the strength he gave me
to continue to stay strong!
I no longer depend on that drug that has ruined my life.
Today, I ask for the chance to have my life back. I would
do it so differently if once again I had the chance.

Inspired by the loving memory
of my mother MARIA
"I Love You Mami"

By: G.P.


Joy and pain are like sunshine and rain.
There is always a high price to pay for fame.
No one can experience happiness at every turn.
It is nature's law he who touches fire will burn.
You began to respect the power of fire before you grow old.
Though dangerous, you learn to use it or die from the cold.
Fire is like pain it can kill you or keep you warm and alive.
Let the pain cripple you or use the fire it burns inside you to survive.
Friendship of value will be tested until it ends.
A wise person will compromise and know when to bend.
It is possible to smile while inside trembling with anger and fear.
It is also possible to find peace after shedding many tears.
Opinions are given out in mass quantity;
yet, rarely will you receive advice of excellent quality.
A man can go off the deep end and lose his cool;
But, the mind devoid of understanding is the mind of a fool.
You can enjoy life and create your own meaning of success;
yet, even success has it's price, one you might not suspect.
If you decide to change and take a stand,
you will undoubtedly lose some friends.
However, he whom closes doors will re-open them in time.
It's during the struggle when you must keep a sane mind.
People disguised as your friends can hold you down.
Sometimes love is not wearing a smile; but, a frown.
Beware of smiling faces; they do tell lies.
Lots of people use dishonest methods just to get by.
Ironically, we all get our share no matter how we live our lives.
There is no joy without pain; it's costly and we all pay a price.

By: O.C.


In a world
of demons with
faces like angels,
I lost my way
so I could find you.

By: L.H. (04/04/04) Texas


Have you ever thought of pure pleasure?
Joy beyond joy that you couldn't even measure.
What would you do if I gave that to you?

Could you imagine saying yes to my proposal or saying "I do"?
As a favor, ponder the possibility that one day
you; me could become we.
I daydream alot & I wonder about alot of things.
I try; but, I'll always lose fighting what love brings.

I'm unprepared & always off guard.
But, I know one thing, when I do fall in love,
I'll fall hard.
I'm expecting that and then some.
I don't know where it's gonna come from.
I can't fight it; so, I won't even try.
Love always wins; no losses & not 1 tie.

BY: S.H.


My thoughts have been on you a lot.
Since you, I don't think about
the past or pain I've been through.
In all of this, I simply want to Thank You.
I know I may not be just
where you'd hoped to find me.
You still may be dissappointed at times.
As I sit here wondering, with
your ever letter, you prove to be there for me.

As I do time for my mistakes and my crime,
In time, I will prove to love you so deeply.
I just can't wait to come home.
In my letters to you, you will see
once I'm home - neither of us will ever be alone.

BY: P.K.


I want someone to love me
and not judge me for my crime.
Someone who'll stand beside me
during both the good / bad times.

I want someone to respect me
and be down for only me.
Someone who'll push me to be
the woman that I should be.

I want someone to take me serious
and never play with my heart.
Someone who'll be honest with me
But, most of all I want someone to accept me
for the person that I am.
Someone who'll at me
and be like dame.
Someone who can and will look before they leap
because, when it somes to true love,
I play for keeps.

BY: Y.B.


I find myself searching for friends and love;
when all that I could want, comes from above.
In search for something that's somewhat true;
when picturing it, I think of Pen-Pels like you.
Being honest is what I long for;
when hoping, I wish for so much more.
The finest things are truly within;
when looking for these things, I don't know where to begin.
Love is blind. I know I can only feel
the brightness of a smile of the greatest appeal.
When looking for love, I sometimes go astray;
but, being happy is what I'm in search of Today ...

BY: H.M.


Love is like the wind,
sometimes it blows your way and,
until now, missed me somehow.
But, when I turned around,
I saw you standing there.
The sound of your voice,
I had no choice.
I used to have a wish
that one day I would feel like this.
Now, I know love exists,
because its standing right next to me.
Beneath the moon tonight,
I see it in your eyes.
No more false starts.
No more broken hearts.
I used to have a wish
one day I would feel like this.
Now, I know love exists because
its standing right next next to be.
Even in the dark,
even when you're gone...
I feel you in my heart.
I used to wish one day
I would feel like this.
Now, I know love exists because
its standing right next to me!

BY: M.W.