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A FREE Prison Inmate Pen Pal Site for Men and Women - Inmates In Waiting - Penpals from Prison

Anyone Can Find A PenPal on Inmates In Waiting!

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There's only one way -
Against the wind;
Slowly progressing
With time ....
It's a Butterfly's
Flight to

L.H. (3/20/04)

Your letters to these women and men prisoners can unchain them.
The women and men on this
site are each very different in many ways. But the things they all have
in common are unbearable loneliness, the aching desire for friendship
and a glimpse of life outside the chains of prison.

Thousands of forgotten women and men prison pen pals in federal/state
penitentiaries, county jails, correctional facilities, and foreign & overseas
prisons are desperately hoping for correspondence that may lead to
friendship and, maybe, some romance. Companionship for incarcerated
people is almost impossible. Many have lost the support of their family
and friends. Snail mail letters become cherished keepsakes. A pen-pal
may be the only relationship they have. They do not have access to
computers or email.

You can now conveniently send an email to a prison inmate at for only the cost of one stamp per page or download.
You can even send pictures. The mailroom, at the prison, prints the email and delivers it to the inmate within 48 hours of the time you send it.
You can also put money in an inmate's account through

Please look through our female listings or male listings and find an Inmate In Waiting to be
unchained with your help through your letters. Look at the newest listings below.

There are women and men listed on Inmates In Waiting from 22 states of the United States.
We receive over 1500 hits per month and have been in existence since January 2004.
Our service is free for anyone looking for a female prison penpal.

Some of these inmates have written poetry. Click on the link below to see their
poems at "Poetry From Prison".

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You can verify the accuracy of an inmate's race, sex, age, location, projected release date and reason(s) for incarceration by going to the following websites and look up the offender by name or number for verification:

Texas Department of Criminal Justice ** or ** Free Inmate Locator by State ** or ** Federal Bureau of Prisons

It's up to you to decide how much trust and truth you're sharing with the inmate you're writing, not up to the state or me or anyone else.

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Click here to see Poetry From Prison

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