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Black Templar (Space Marine) Army

This is the entire Black Templar army you are bidding on! Completely put together this army will add up to about 3,000 pts. All models are custom painted in the Black Templar scheme and some models have rare Templar shoulder pads.

Keep in mind while you are looking that it would cost you around $650 to buy this army brand new...unassembled...unpainted...and uncustomized.

Group of Assault marines. Notice the custom body type on the marine located front left. (And you can see one of the Templar shoulder pads!)

Books provided with army (Official Rule Book, Space Marine Codex, Armageddon Codex, and a very rare copy of the Assassin Codex.) I will also throw in a rare Assassin figure for the winning bidder!

This is the official warhammer carrying case you will be given.

A closer pic of the army

Another close pic of the army

Close up on one of two dreadnoughts customed and painted excellent!

Close up view of the Rhino tank customized and painted excellent as well!

This is the first plastic dreadnought with a very nice base.

This is the second and older metal dreadnought which is rare to find now that Games Workshop has stopped producing them. (They switced to plastic model versions of the dreadnought.)

Truly the highlight of this army...the Emperor's Champion. This is a one of a kind, unique Emperor's Champion. I ordered each individual part from mail order to create this model and there is no other model in the world exactly like this one guaranteed! This model alone cost about $35 just to buy.

More marines

Assault Squad, Land Speeder Typhoon, Terminators, and Dreadnought

Here is a close up of the Land Speeder Typhoon custom painted

And another close up of the Speeder and you can see the logo custom painted on it!

There is the full lot! I hope you like what you see and will bid on the auction! I have spent many hours building and painting this army and I believe it is top notch. If you have any questions / comments / concerns feel free to email me anytime at:

Also if you would like a specific picture of any model just ask and I will provide one. Thanks for looking!