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Week One of the Exploration of Architecture 2003
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California


I managed to take 556 pictures over the 2 weeks spent at LA, from July 3 to July 16, thus filling 120 mb of the 128 mb memory stick. If you were for some reason wondering, the camera was a Canon PowerShot S230. It served me well.

However, I had to pick and choose what pictures to upload unless I was going to get a few more Angelfire accounts. I'm too stubborn to use a different provider, too poor to buy webspace, and too senseless to pack it up and send it to Paul or Sky.

So. Here it is.

Thursday, 03 July - cat, austin, airplane
Friday, 04 July - mall, aunt's house, 4th of July, random things
Saturday, 05 July - santa monica, beach, 3rd street shows

Sunday, 06 July - move in, around campus
Monday, 07 July - around campus, dorm room
Tuesday, 08 July - downtown, disney concert hall, cathedral, more downtown, library, more downtown (forgive my citigroup obsession)
Wednesday, 09 July - definition of two squares, around campus
Thursday, 10 July - getty center, kirkpatrick studios, santa monica, around campus
Saturday, 12 July - path place pavilion, lotsa people, around campus, more group photos
Sunday, 13 July - bye bye, around campus, train station, cake

Tuesday, 15 July - highway, getty center, renaissance art
Wednesday, 16 July - highway, LAX, airplane, ABIA

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