For the collector who would like to include in their collection - the more Rare Antique Knights Templar sword distributed by The Cincinnati Regalia Company.


  While researching this sword, I found that The M C Lilley and Henderson Ames companies produced hundreds of thousands of swords from the 1880's to the 1920's. Resource Info Link The Cincinnati Regalia Company distributed a very limited number of swords. They were not a manufacturing company, but simply a distributor for swords made by smaller manufacturers such as The Pettibone Brothers Manufacturing Co. You will find very few swords bearing the Cincinnati Regalia Company name because of their limited distribution, therefore the swords are considered rare. These swords have and will continue to increase in value for the collector, above and beyond those produced or distributed by other larger companies.

  Although many swords are mistakenly called “Knight Templar” swords, this one is authentic. This is indicated by the letters KT that are intertwined and affixed to the scabbard. The intertwined “KT” is the ONLY symbol representing the Knights Templar Order, of the Masons (picture #5 below).


  This beautiful, old sword is made of a combination of silver and nickel. The length of the blade from pommel to blade tip is 35" and is 36" from pommel to scabbard tip. The grip is solid ivory with very detailed scrimshaw engravings that has aged from handling, to a handsome goldenrod color. The front view of the grip (pic #1 below) bears the intricately designed initials "JNH", of the original owner, surrounded by laurel and toped with a beautiful crown. The back or rear view of the grip (pic #3 below) shows an elaborately fashioned cross with another simple cross inside the circle in the center. The pommel has a knights head, which is typical of swords from this period.

  The scabbard is splendidly detailed with the reclining figure of a soldier of the crusades that has a red enameled cross on his breastplate and shield. Below that is a raised armored breastplate, At the bottom of the top section is the symbol of the Knights Templar Order, the cross surrounded by the crown. This also is enameled in red and blue. Surrounding this symbol are the words "Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life".

   The blade bears the name of the original owner, Henry A. Hunt and is elaborately engraved with scenes from the crusades. Close to the name is the familiar mason symbol, the interlaced Square and Compass (the symbol of "Freemasonry"). It contains the mark of The Pettibone Brothers Manufacturing Co., as well as the repeat of the cross surrounded by the crown. At the top of the blade on the other side is the Skull and Crossbones circled by "Memento Mori", as a reminder of our immortality.


  Please Remember: the sword is OVER 100 YEARS OLD! The sword is overall in very good to excellent condition. The blade is in mint condition with the exception of a few small dings along the side of the blade (as though it were struck against something). The scabbard is in very good condition but has two places where the silver/nickel has worn off (pic 7). The sword has not been cleaned and should regain all of its original splendor after that has been completed, if you so desire.


  Pictures 5 and 6 are spliced shots of different areas of the two sides of the blade to show detail of the full length. PLEASE – Click to enlarge them ALL!

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