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  Office Supply



Office Supply is a New Wave band consisting of three members. The band has successfully released their debut album Work in Progress, on the independent record label Toaster Records on April 30, 2006. A re-release of the album is scheduled to come out in early to mid-summer of 2006 season.


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4/23- Office Supply would like to congradualate Paul Hemmings for winning the Bowl-a-thon and donating $300 dollars for music classes in the Manchester area. 

4/22- Office Supply will make an appearance at the For the Kids bowling tournament in Raymond, New Hampshire.

4/21- 12,000 CD's have been pressed, and a couple of Venues have been offered to Office Supply to do for late August. Final tour dates will be posted in a couple of days.

4/20- Office Supply is recording an 80's cover song for a compilation disk with other modern New Wave bands including, The Network, Reggie and the Full Effect, and Moon Tan.







How did Office Supply form?

It seemed like times where rough for Tim Kimble. His girlfriend moved to Europe, leaving him in the dust. Timmy seemed to hit rock bottom, when he sold his car to get liquor from a bum on the street in Haverhill, MA. That was in 1999, and that was before Tim realized something; he had a gift. On April 20, 2004, he dropped his six pack of beer [he stole it from a Mini Mart]. The drop didn't just create a large commotion (they were glass), it created something Tim would later call "A new representation of my life." Tim wasn't talking about the bottles hitting the ground; he was talking about the shatter. With the new inspiration, he quickly got a job at Best Buy in Salem, NH. Within a couple of weeks, he bought a keyboard. As he began writing music, he ran into co-workers Tracy Phillips and Max Templeton. They actually knew how to play instruments, and seeing his dedication, both taught him during breaks at Best Buy. The group sprouted into what it is today. Recently, after placing some songs on the World Wide Web, a representative of the Indie-lable Toaster Records heard the song "Ice Cream Man on Cocaine." The rep stormed into Best Buy and quickly got the three fired, telling them to pack their bags, because they have an album to record in Maine. They signed in April of 2005 [there were some contract kinks].


The fan base has grown thanks to live shows, and They currently have over 10,000 orders for their first album Work in Progress.




To here some music, check out Office Supply's Myspace.









No one has actually ever scene Office Supply. They all keep secret identities. All of them pose under the name Tracey Phillips, Tim Kimble, and Max Templeton. At their amazing shows, they were mask or use shadows to block their faces.


 Work in Progress can be downloaded online, by just sending an E-mail

Office Supply and Toaster Records don't believe in charging for music, they make their money off of their live performances.