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The Stalxig Connection

By RAY Storm

Pages Include the above and: The Ville under_ground, Japanese Hip-Hop Section, And the Traditions every Kobold should know. (More coming soon)!!

The Ville under_ground.

Here in The Ville, the people love the Kentucky Derby. They make a HUGE deal out of it. To me it's just another traditon. that's why I am here to say that the Derby this year, was as great as ever!

We need more cultural music in The Ville, but I'm not saying that I don't like the music that's here now. it's just that we need more genres of music. Foreign music! But I must first state my opinion. I think that some genres of music, such as Rap and/or Hip Hop are TOO mainstream. That's why it's played in over 200 countries! I think about 215. But I'm not really sure. IT'S TOO MAINSTREAM!! But I still like Japanese Rap, I think it sounds good, for what it is. So I rap in Japanese.

It's just about the same as some Japanese Recording Artist, but I won't name any. But there are quite a few. That try coming to America to siong or Rap in their HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE English. If they can do that, then I can do this!! So I'm trying to get started up in it. Releasing a demo soon, but I don't really know when. It'll have all of my Rap mixes on it. but nothing recorded. I think I'll just release a FREE version, then I'll have the real CD priced. For now, for me that The Ville under_ground. I'm sorry but I'm not alowed to tell you any about anyone else without permission because of copyrights and such.

Japanese Hip Hop Section

Note: I will sometime have my own lyrics and translations in this section. Here are the names of the songs I'm working on. Some will be in the Japanese language, some will probably be in English. Maybe a few will even be in Russian. We'll see!

If the emblem fits, wear it! ƒzƒ‰[‚ΜAmerica (America's Horror) ν“¬‚Ζƒqƒ“ƒg ( Fight and Hint) ŽΣ‚΅‚ā@(I thank you) East meets my style Eeast meets Weast I'm new Here! “ϊ–{Œκƒ‰ƒbƒv???? (Japanese Rap)???? WHAT!? *3 (WHAT times three) „„‚„y„‡„€„t„y„„„Ž „ƒ„~„€„r„p? (Come again)? ‘Ε‚ΒŽθ‚ͺ‚Θ‚’‰‰ (Sometimes nothing can be done) εKεNƒKƒ“ (Rose Gun) (Whipped, MC SET-RAP Version) !! H‹q !! (!! FREELOADER !! ) ”–β‘θ‚ΜƒQƒbƒg[‚Μ“s‰ο@(The cities' Ghetto's many problems) Outro And now... V's in Katakana?

I'm probably going to work on that demo some more this month. Just instumental music you know. Also music to Rap to! If you want to hear some of the songs I'm working on go to this page: My Demo Songs If you don't want to hear those songs then just read the rest of this page.