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Have you been fired from Spielo?


If you, like us, have been fired from Spielo Manufacturing Ltd, of 328 Urqhart Drive, Moncton, NB, we want to hear from you.

There are a lot of decent people in the Moncton community who have been unjustly terminated from Spielo, so why not add your name to the growing list and share your story?


"I was recruited from a well-known company with the promise of an exciting opportunity, only to be fired with neither warning nor reason only a few months into my job. Why didn't they tell me what I was supposedly doing wrong? Why did they bother going through the trouble of recruiting me, only to fire me a short time after I started. I've always been successful at my other jobs, and I approached this job the same way. Why does Spielo have such a negative employee relations policy?"

"I was performing very well, then one day I was fired for 'no longer meeting the requirements of the position'. I wasn't warned, and I wasn't given any feedback on my performance. It didn't make sense."


Send us an email with your story!